LD30 ends.

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August 25th, 2014 7:16 pm

It was a good run. We pushed for a new engine, tried something new. And that something new was awesome for everyone involved. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it.

I stand by my decision to use Unreal Engine 4 for the jam, it was a wonderful experience and, hadn’t a few technical difficulties turned out, I’d be here celebrating over more than just a submission, but an experience to further everything I do from here on.

We had issues with importing animations at first, and because we went a few hours trying to fix the problem with no avail, we decided to start over on those with a different method for rigging, skinning and animating, methods we weren’t used to at all.

Shortly after our animators came and told me the weren’t going to be able to finish the animations that day (Sunday), and given that they wouldn’t really be able to work on it on the Monday at all due to day jobs, another big problem happened.

I had to restart my computer due to heat issues, and when I came back, I couldn’t open the project again at all. I don’t blame the engine, I blame my lack of tidiness regarding old files and test models. I had to restart most of the coding, since it was bound to the very core of the level, which was corrupt.

I tried everything. When I realized I was going to have to start over with the AI behavior and such, I let the team know, and in that moment, we knew we wouldn’t beat the schedule, no matter what.


It’s sad, very sad. I was really enjoying making this game, and I personally ┬áthink it looked really good. But we haven’t really given up. We’re going Post-Mortem. We’re finishing this game, even though it won’t be really in the competition. I’ll post it here later, promise.


I managed to get some progress into the whole re-do thing, and though I’d post just whatever I’ve got right now. I hope you guys enjoy, and congratulations to everyone who made it to submission! Hope everybody gets some good, well-deserved rest.


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  1. FrederickK says:

    It’s very heart-breaking your story, it is a jam after all, unpredictable things happens.
    It is very refreshing see someone using a new engine and sharing their experiences.
    I’m looking forward your post-mortem, remember to fill the post with gifs and images of what you guys got, even if is not being in-engine, to people see what you guys had until the crash.
    Don’t give up and cheers to your team!

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