La Roue de Fortune!

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August 25th, 2014 7:17 pm


This is a rad game, honestly I’m very proud. It is very different form anything the ZNCatlaw collective has worked on before: a moody solitaire card-game, using the ancient and beautiful Tarot. We built it as a web-page rather than using a game framework (or LOVE2D), which involved some learnings. The result is that, somehow magically, the game works on modern tablets as well as desktop browsers! Crazy internets!

The basic rules of the game are about “moving between worlds” using the major arcana of a Tarot deck. By travelling, the player is able to collect minor arcana and form hands. A player who forms 4 hands can win the game (though, winning is not as simple as just that). We spent most of the first day just working out the rules, and deciding how we wanted the game to feel. Actually, the process was quite different from our last two jam games and worked really well.

As usual, @nomoon’s radly massive talent for all things ops came in handy: all the layouts and stylish flashy things, as well as the nitty-gritty of CORS and AWS assets, and the sweet music loop, comes straight out of those fingers. @clangmuir designed the game, and spent much of the second day sitting on the couch with a deck of tarot actually playing a simple prototype, testing out all the rules we’d come up with and balancing things while I was still hacking the basic rules together. Working together as Zigs, Nomoon & Clang (at law) is like being part of a machine. The quality and scope we can manage in just a few days is astonishing.

Needless to say, we will be polishing this up in the post jam so that it shines like a diamond and then probably releasing it through various channels of awesome.




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