Idea for making the gameslist more fair for everyone!

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August 25th, 2014 12:43 pm

You know the list, that has 66 Pages to click through all the games made by everyone…

and you know that if your game is on page 54, it is more likely that the game on page 1 will be played/voted 100 times more!

I think it is kind of unfair to always place the same games on the same pages. It is a natural behaviour of humans to only look at page 1, 2, 3 and, if the person

is nice, click on some random pages.


How about changing the database query to an algorithm that returns the gamelist at completely random order !!

And this should be the default behaviour. But of course the user can search for specific games or change the order to be alphabetic or something.


What do you think?


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4 Responses to “Idea for making the gameslist more fair for everyone!”

  1. ViKing Games says:

    Games are sorted by a combination of coolness (how many games you’ve rated) and how many ratings your game has. All you have to do to get on page 1 is rate tons of games! 😀

  2. ViKing Games says:

    Well, on the ‘Play+Rate’ page anyway.

  3. Knowledge says:

    The fewer votes game have it will be before on list.
    Sorry for my English this is complicated sentence.

  4. IHateATMFees says:

    This is not based on actual info, but observation from the past few LD’s: the list does appear to randomize on a regular schedule. Not sure if it’s 4/12/24 hours, but the page that a game is listed definitely does changes many times during the voting period.

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