Building Bridges Post Mortem + Timelapse

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August 25th, 2014 12:35 pm

I can’t believe how tired I am today. I went out of coffee this weekend and I was too tired to buy some more today – thats how tired I am :)

Anyways. I made a game, using Unreal Engine 4 this weekend. Not everything went as planned for my first LD entry, but I am happy with it.

The Game


You control a UFO with lunar lander type of controls, only one engine to apply thrust upwards and you have to cancel each movement out with a counter thrust, so you basically fly like a helicopter.

The goal is to grab a bit of building material and deliver it into the building zone of the bridge until it is finished. So far so good, I had the theme down.




The World

The world consists of many small to medium sized floating islands. I planned to populate them with a species that struggled to visit their friends and families that lived on another island. But I had to cut the population for time reasons (only indicators are the hot air balloons).


The Good Things

  • I like how challenging it is, I love challenging games in general, gives you a bit of satisfaction beating them.
  • I made something that looked good, for me as a software engineer, art is always the hardest part.

The Bad Things

  • you guys don’t seem to like the controls or how challenging it is
  • I had no time to build up a proper communication with the player. I can not tell you why or how you are supposed to build a bridge. With the knowledge I have about Usability and User Experience, I am not happy with the result.
  • I had to cut a lot of cool gameplay mechanics due to time reasons 😛
  • The building material makes no sense at all, you basically grab rocks and throw them at a bridge to build it 😛


For my next LD, I will probably do something smaller, probably 2D to implement a bit more stuff. But actually I am really happy with the outcome of this one, even though it has it’s flaws.



I recorded pretty much every second (minus the hour my internet crapped out) and I made a little timelapse. 30 hours of work compressed to 18min.

I couldn’t make is shorter, it is already way too fast to not get headache watching it 😛



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2 Responses to “Building Bridges Post Mortem + Timelapse”

  1. akios says:

    very good time lapse ^^

    i watched everything. unreal engine has a awesome setup , and your very good at it

  2. MintArcade says:

    Really nice time lapse. Very cool game too! Thank you for making.

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