About time to get rating…

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August 25th, 2014 2:00 pm

Phew, I sure have been busy during all that competition; now to play through some games with high coolness-to-ratings ratio….

Also, if someone is interesting how my star ratings map to the game, here is a reference:

1 star – poor/annoying (an element that spoils an otherwise nice game)
2 star – decent (nothing great, but serves its purpose well enough)
3 star – likeable
4 star – remarkable
5 star – excellent

That means that if you get 2-stars in some category, it doesn’t mean I consider it below average; I just prefer to leave more degrees for things I actually liked.

And in relation to themes:

1 star – not really following the theme
2 star – forced (expect in such games naming the theme directly so that people notice it at all)
3 star – background (it’s there and works, but the game wouldn’t lose much without it)
4 star – integrated (the use of theme affects the gameplay/experience significantly)
5 star – inseparable (the game breathes the theme; taking it away would pretty much destroy the game)

Hopefully I’ll get more time to play tomorrow…

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