The Two-Dimensional Universe – Finally Finished!

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August 25th, 2014 6:21 pm

When I first thought about the “Connected Worlds” theme, I came up with an idea pretty much immediately, probably because I’ve wanted to make a game with bouncy ball mechanics like in Within a Deep Forest for a long time, so I made the connection in my head and found that the theme could have an amazinig amount of potential for this kind of mechanics! When I thought about it further, the ideas for this game just started adding up, and at the beginning it was a little overwhelming because I could think of so many things to add to this game – but now, after making this my biggest LD yet and working on the game for a whole 40 hours over the three days, I find that the game feels complete – I managed to add pretty much everything that I wanted, and I can’t think of any big changes that I’d still need to make!

The game starts with the concept of a bouncy ball that could bounce to potentially infinite heights by keeping the jump button pressed, and this reaching of big heights is used as a transition between the different worlds! There are also different area types in the game, all of them feeling a little differerent in both the environment and the mechanics. It’s hard to explain what the connection between the worlds looks like, you’d have to see for yourself! 😛

Here’s the link to the game. I have to go to sleep now because I have school tomorrow, and because my head feels like it doesn’t work properly anymore. I’ll leave you with some pictures!

Screen 1 Screen2 Screen3 Screen4



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