The second morning starts slow

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August 24th, 2014 3:10 am

Good <insert time of day>! I woke up after very tight sleeping, I was up for the most of the night trying to get my teleporting script to work. After sleeping (and bacon+eggs+fried bread!) I just typed it in, fixed a few small bugs and it works. I should start listening to myself when I’m pondering on whether to catch some sleep or try to continue with tired brain.


Anyway, my progress is still very slow. My new PC parts came on Friday and for the first time ever I actually have a fast, more high-end computer, and that eats some of the coding motivation because half the time I’m tempted to fire up some games to see if I can finally play them with more than 5 fps 😀 Also I upgraded from Windows 7 to 8.1 and downloading + installing programs takes some time, too, not to mention setting them up the way I like. Oh MonoDevelop, why do you have to be so uncooperative by default.


On to progress update! My game is about connecting four different worlds (well, the worlds are clones of each other for now) by matching the camera so that players can jump through gaps to each other’s worlds. I have still some problems to solve, like zooming the camera when multiple characters are in the same world so that all of them stay in the world’s camera view. And zooming might break the difficulty, so that’s something to think about. Also I don’t have any game rules in place, so the game can’t be finished. I’m worried that I can’t get enough functionality in to call it a real game by the end of the competition, but at least I’m getting practice and I most likely will continue working on the game afterwards, since I like the idea of a local 4-player co-op puzzler.

The worlds are separated from each other, so it is up to you to work the camera and get the four buddies together.

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  1. Kuupu says:

    Great concept! I’m looking forward for updates :)

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