The Chronicle of MMO God

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August 24th, 2014 10:46 am

We did many things on this Ludum Dare, I remember having to text Isaac about the theme only to find that he only just got up from bed. An hour later we started discussing about our game on what it should be like. Isaac wanted to make a story-based game like what we did previously. I was alright with it at first but then we decided to match up 20 keywords for ideas. It didn’t work. AT ALL. So I started looking for ideas.

When suddenly, I saw a game, where you just click cookies. I told Isaac about it but he was skeptical at first. The moment he just clicked the cookie, he couldn’t stop for some reason. In fact both of us couldn’t stop. This had to be our idea. Isaac didn’t like it at first as well but he went along with it. Soon we were on our way. We started with a transit system across universes. Then it felt too cliche. We then thought about an alternate God sending microorganisms to other planets. Then eventually I had the greatest idea. Why not an MMO tycoon. Soon the both of us agreed to this then BAM we are going full speed.

Soon we sort of got bored so Isaac started thinking about nonsensical ways of making this work. Therefore, the illogical MMO crystal was born. Yipee! Eventually our game was finished under 2 days and there you go! MMOGOD đŸ˜€

Some pics:

Screenshot 2014-08-25 01.10.22

You start off by clicking the Crystal with your own mouse.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 01.14.20

As the game progresses, you don’t really need to click them any more thanks to the upgrades.

Play Our Game Here!

Oh and btw, Isaac is still clicking the cookie as we speak. He even made a macro for it.

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