Silent Skies – Making the cut

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August 24th, 2014 11:01 am

Well, it’s been a hectic 2 days and I’ve nearly got something I could call a “Game”. At least, at the moment it has no failure states (or win states) – so I guess TotalBiscuit wouldn’t agree that it’s a game in that respect.

One hurdle I’ve come across is thanks to the engine I decided to make the game in. Unity. The 4.6 Beta. Which – and this would be obvious if I thought about it – requires the beta web player in order to play any web builds.

So when it’s done I’ll be putting up both a Web Build (for those with 4.6) and Windows/OSX/Linux executables for those without.

Another hurdle I found was cutting things for time. 48 hours isn’t that much and I had a lot of ideas for this game. The first thing to go was having a crew. Originally I’d had the idea that you’d only get the mutiny ending if your crew hates you. You’d have a Chief Engineer, a Chief Security, Chief Medical and your First Officer. Each event would affect them differently and each one would have a random personality assigned at the start.

It’s one of the ideas I’d like to implement later on once the Jam is over.

Another idea was having Events occur when you reach a destination. It would make the other planets on your way actually useful. As it stands you have all those planets out there, and the Trojan stations, but they don’t do anything. If time permits later in the Jam I might quickly put some dirty ones in.

Another idea was difficulty levels. Having different missions and such. As it stands you get a random destination, with missions you’d choose beforehand. You’d have faster/slower ships, with more or less population aboard. Different starting rates for unrest/illness/hunger etc, and even different starting positions. You might have to evacuate a dying colony, or ferry prisoners (the original intention was for Neptune’s prison colony to be this)

Anyway. Back to work. I need to put in the Game Over screen.


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