Serena’s First Ludum Dare – Completed!

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August 24th, 2014 7:40 pm




Here it is:  (just for windows at the moment):  Hearts Nexus

I am actually really proud of this.  And it’s kind of fun!  I don’t even care if anyone else plays it because I had so much fun making it and so much fun playing it!  I decided to go a little loose with the theme, I know most people would go literal with “worlds” resulting in a lot of space or fantasy action/platformers… I wanted to try something a little different.  I still think I kept pretty tight with the theme.  I can honestly say I never would have thought to make a matchmaking game without the theme.

Basically the object to the game is to click on two “singles” that seem the most compatible and match them!

Some cool features:

  • Endless Levels – The game will keep going forever.  Levels are procedurally generated after a point (even the room colors).  Singles will get faster, and there will be more and more of them.
  • Trait Weight – There is actually some depth to the way the personality traits are weight in relation to other traits and to each other.  I’ll let people play it to figure it out.
  • Randomly generated characters
  • Mad-lib style couple quotes –  Man I wish I had time to add more of these!


Stuff I wish I could have added:

  • Save File –  so you can come back and play later.  At the moment you lose your progress when you quit the game.
  • Different Sexual and Gender Orientations – I stuck to hetero/binary pairings because it would have really complicated things gameplay-wise (and I only had 48 hours).  I’m not trying to make any sort of political statement or anything.
  • Lose Conditions – Right now the levels advance regardless of how well or badly you do.
  • WALKING legs

There’s a ton of features I want to add.  Since I’m working with Game Maker, it’d be super easy to flesh this out and release it on iPad.  Here’s hoping! 😀

Oh, and I took some time lapse screenshots and webcam, so I’ll try to put that together as a video in the next few weeks!

Intro Post | Attack Plan | WIP Screenshot


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