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August 24th, 2014 10:18 am

Finally made some good progress for our jam. Got both player and AI ships working with swivelling turrets, bullets which hit have a bit explosion effect as you can see in the picture, and health means you can kill and be killed. Our Artist Imaginary llamas has made four different types of ship for the player, pirates and the police. Also this time we have got a Music Composer (what I’ve heard so far sounds amazing!) and a story writer to the team, this motley crew is soon going to need a name.

Your Ship is on Fire!

Your Ship is on Fire!

While plenty of progress has been made there is still lots to do if we hope to complete the trading and markets aspect by the end of tomorrow. Nutta our economic simulation expert (yep Eve isn’t the only game who has one) has just handed me his simulation code that changes the price of items based on supply and demand. Following is some of the background story written by Wishsprite for your enjoyment.

When travelling between jobs I’d often think about 42. What could the question possibly be? Now that I’ve met the crew of The Folly, I’m pretty sure it’s ‘How many IQ points do these guys have between them?’

The knocking should have been a giveaway, who forces a ship to magnetise to their hull then knocks on the cargo bay door? No, you kick it down, get what you want and leave. No muss no fuss. If I hadn’t been in the loo they would never have caught me in the first place. Auto pilot aint worth shit.

‘Whose there?’ I yelled gruffly, hand on my holster.

‘Give us the Omni box, your money…. And a cup of tea!’ squeaked a voice, barely audible over the growling engines.

‘You idiot!’ interjected another more agitated voice. ‘Wait until he’s opened the door before stating your demands’

                ‘Who says I’m going to open the door at all’ I interrupted.

‘We’re pirates and we demand you open this door!’ Called the squeaker. A clang of boot meeting metal shook the door. Another kick and then a howl.

                ‘Ow! Open the bloody door’

I opened the door, but they were met with the barrel of my gun. Turns out I didn’t need it, my face did all the work.

                ‘HOLY SHIT DEAN BRICKSON! OH MAN, OH MAN, OH MAN!’ The squeaker barely reached my chest, a mop of brown curls covered his face. I just caught a glimpse of scared looking green eyes before he flung himself at my boots cowering.

                ‘Please don’t kill me! Oh god, please don’t kill me!’

‘Will you get up Squawk, you have a gun as well’ said a larger blonde guy who appeared through the hatch, gun trained on me.

                ‘What the fuck is Dean Brickson doing on a scavenger ship? You a Bin man now?’

‘I’m cleaning up my act’ I replied as I pulled the trigger. The bullet shot clean through his feet knocking Blondie to the floor. Squawk cried out slightly but didn’t move.

                ‘Now tell me everything you know about this Omnibox, why the hell do you think I have it?’  

‘We had it…we lost it’ mumbled Squawk quaking by my foot.

                ‘He left it in one of the escape pods, ship malfunctioned, ejected them all into space, gone fuck knows where’ cursed Blondie holding his shoe in pain.

                ‘How does a ship malfunction and eject all the escape pods?’  I asked. Blondie muttered something inaudible. I aimed by gun at his good foot and asked again.

                ‘What was that?’

‘I sat on a button okay’ Blondie muttered staring down at his wounded foot. ‘We saw your ship figured maybe you had picked up one of the pods, an Omnibox is worth big bucks to the right buyer’

                I smiled, big bucks is my middle name.

‘Guess we’d better find it then’

Squawk looked up hopeful.

                ‘Can we have tea now? And biscuits?’

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