Nexxuz – Progress Report

August 24th, 2014 7:50 am

Once again, we’ve utilised our lovely Minecraft community (mostly children, we run a family-friendly server) to help us build our game assets for our LD jam. We’ve decided to make a Zaxxon-like Shmup with six levels, two enemy ship types per level and one boss fight at the end of each level. All game assets were built inside Minecraft, then exported through Blender, stripped of textures, and finally plonked into Unity for the actual game-making.

Amazingly we wrangled 20 – 30 super excited kiddies into building our levels and sticking to our build rules (mostly), and got all of the building done in one day. Now for the most time-consuming bit; putting it all into a game.

The Story:

You’re the pilot of a little spaceship flying through space. Your ship gets caught up in a time-space anomaly and shatters, leaving you in one smaller version of your ship with the rest of your ship parts scattered across different dimensions. In order to recover your ship parts, you need to fly through the dimensions (connected via portals), shoot down the enemies, and recover each part – and each part will add to your ships’ abilities and let you complete the final stages of each dimension.

Here’s an early early version of our ‘castle’ level;

And a couple of Vines of the almost complete Ocean level;

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2 Responses to “Nexxuz – Progress Report”

  1. Jod says:

    I love that you’ve crowdsourced this. So awesome!

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Our community loves it – they get excited every time we do it and the kids love seeing how the things they build end up in a game that they can play :)

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