My First (Finished) Ludum Dare

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August 24th, 2014 8:09 pm

Wow, this Ludum Dare was quite the experience — in many ways.


-Origin Story-

My history in programming actually started out in middle school when I discovered Qbasic and its “sample games” Qbasic Gorillas and whatever Snake game was there.  Since then I always like programming and games in general.  However, I haven’t in all these years complete many things, save some old Tetris 2 game in Qbasic.

I studied C and C++ on my own, but nothing much came out of it.  I -was- however always following the programming scene, watching what others have done and how the game making process works.  Because of this, I have a lot of information I didn’t do much with.  Only recently in the past couple of years have I started to try to take my experience and make something become of it.  Of course, I’ve only taken up game programming as a hobby.

Last Ludum Dare I thought I was gonna get my first finished game.  I picked a poor time with school getting heavy at that point — I couldn’t finish anything.  This time it’s different.

I got a horrible-looking SHELL of game, but it’s there anyway!  I certainly want to get -legitimate- graphics into it and change the design.  Music and fine tuning are required, too.  I think I did a great job in not putting too many features in the game.

The scope of the game is what got me.  I was trying to go for a story and I realize that it can easily get out of hand in a 48-hour competition.  I think I’m really good at ideas, but implementing them is a different story — let alone in a short time table.

I think with better artwork and some design tweaks, I think it can be a compelling experience, even without more complicated programming.  Still good, though.  I’ll definitely do more contests.

If anything, my goal of getting a basic game out was accomplished.


Rough screenshots of first LD submission

Precipice of Eternity



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