MELD, a game of friendship and crossing distances

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August 24th, 2014 10:23 am

Well, I didn’t get it to the point I had hoped, but I submitted my entry nevertheless! Check it out! (web build doesn’t work because I used Unity 4.6 beta)

MELD is a game about friendship and crossing distances. It’s also annoyingly unfinished.

On the other hand, I got practice and learned more Unity, but on the other hand I think I planned better the last time I partook in Ludum Dare. At some point I lost my focus completely because I had no clear roadmap planned. Also, like I mentioned in the last update post, I was pretty distracted due to having new PC parts that I desperately wanted to try and benchmark, and also having a fresh OS with no programs.   So, what’s missing from the game?

  • First of all, the game can be finished. But it is not that funny, and it’s really quick, because I only made placeholder/test world. The game was supposed to have pieces of an artefact lying around in the four worlds, and multiple characters would have been needed to carry the pieces. After putting the artefact back together, the friends would have completed the level.
  • There are some issues with multiple characters in the same screen (camera follows only one).
  • Music, sounds, animation. Bells and whistles that make people want to try the game.
  • Controller support. The game was meant for 4 players in the same room from the beginning, but currently it can only be played with keyboard and switching characters.


Full playthrough of MELD

The future plan is to continue working on the game. I like the idea and would love to expand on it. Feel free to kick my butt via twitter (@argontuscreates) so I can get something done 😀

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  1. trolog says:

    I like the idea, it works well, though the collision detection is annoying so far! But I reckon if you could build a few well thought out puzzle levels before the comp is over, this would be very cool 😀

  2. trolog says:

    I’d also like to add, it’s not mega fun because currently it’s far to easy, but with better level design, this could be great, I would add special abilities to each character also,so Red is fat so he can’t jump that far, but he can … Okay bad example, say the yellow guy, he can jump really high, the green guy can teleport etc etc, you get the point. This could add a quick layer of depth possibly? Either way please finish it :)

    • argontus says:

      Awesome ideas! Yeah the collision detection is just thrown together and not polished at all. You can accelerate during jumps even when colliding etc, those have to be fixed obviously. :)

      I was thinking of making each character unique in some way, to further make it more fun as a local co-op game. Everyone can pick their favourite when the characters are not simply clones of each other.

      And yeah it is painfully easy at the moment. I’m planning the artefact mechanic to it (wrote about it up there), and also the “melding” would only happen when similarly shaped pieces of walls are connected between two cameras. So that you would actually have to scout around the world and fiddle a bit to be able to connect to the neighbouring world.

      Thanks a ton for your interest and ideas! I’m amazed to know you took your time to test the game ^^ I will work hard to finish the game at some point.

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