You’re Out of Time

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August 23rd, 2014 11:43 pm

I am not sure why, but Liquid Snake’s taunt from Metal Gear Solid 1 (PSX) is haunting me at the moment. It is as if I see the guy behind me screaming at me those words! Damn it, how many times do I have to defeat this whack job!

Well, second day, 18 hours left and unfortunately 7 hours will go down the drain because of my part time job as an English instructor. >.>

The good news though, I have level 1 and 2 almost 100% done (if you call minor bugs and awfully hateful graphics, done). What I am missing is level 3 and fixing the bugs I may encounter in my play through.

Screenie of the crappiest level 2 you’ll see 😛

On top of that, I have this devilish idea to submit the game with 3 levels only and jump start another ASAP for the jam. I’d have to hunt art (and it will look crap because I won’t bother with aesthetic conformity) but at least I’ll have about 1 day to get the game done (and I kinda, sorta, maybe have an idea).

All depends on when I finish level 3 and if the rules allow 2 submissions, speaking of the rules… time to go read them again!


Good luck everyone 😀

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