What you Like, What you Don’t. Fast Feedback!

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
August 23rd, 2014 8:50 am

Hey folks! I’ve started taking notes and collecting thoughts on a Ludum Dare website rewrite. What would help is knowing what people are thinking as they use this current website. While you’re participating this weekend, I ask that you come here and leave a comment sharing what you’re thinking. Things you don’t like about the website/event, things that seem wrong, and things you do like about it. No matter how small, the irks and pains, unnecessary things, and even those little moments that make you smile. I have my assumptions, but you telling will be best. :) Thanks!

EDIT: Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of comments! Don’t even worry about reading them. Repeating what’s been said just reinforces the importance of something.

466 Responses to “What you Like, What you Don’t. Fast Feedback!”

  1. Dietrich Epp says:

    I know I already commented. The big, the huge problem is curation of the content on the front page. Leading up to the contest, it’s full of short “I’m using Adobe Badger MX and PoopLoops to make my game” posts. I’m not saying people shouldn’t make those posts, but maybe they should be in their own section, and the front page could have higher quality posts: post-mortems, top 10s, weird observations, etc. Plus a “this is spam” button would be nice.

  2. Endurion says:

    The ordering of comments on your own entry. It doesn’t seem time based, I’m pretty sure, I saw new comments pop up in the middle as well (I might imagine that though).

    Maybe add timestamps to the comments, so you can better detect new entries.

  3. Ventura says:

    I love the tools section, people posts and streamming.
    I don’t like ……. mmmm ………… …. ….. I will tell you if i find something

  4. CliffracerX says:

    It would be good to be able to select multiplatform games in the list, as well as games with multiplayer.

  5. Steve | tacospice says:

    – Let author tag their own game (platformer; unity; made-by-a-swedish-person; whatever)
    – Require jammers to disclose if their assets were made not created during the jam.
    – Notification system with things like when you’ve received comments, badges, ..etc
    – Easy link to your own user page from the front. Seems like right now, you have to go to someone else’s page through a link on the blog, and then substitute your own username in the URL, or just bookmark it separately.

    I feel the second thing is very important. Unless I have it wrong, assets not made by yourself are also allowed, like graphic packs, tilesets and so on. If such assets are used, it seems unfair that a game should be rated on those merits when the raters don’t know the source of the art.

  6. Jezzamon says:

    Oh, another idea I had:

    I think there should be a category to represent quality of level/game design, including appropriate difficulty and amount of content. Not sure would it should be called.

    I feel like those elements are significant, and would only be covered by the ‘overall’ category. Having the category would also influence how people rate games and their overall scores, which I think would be good.

  7. StencylTuo says:

    I REALLY wish there was a way to sort games by those who have a flash version. It is SO much easier to rate those than the other entries. I’d likely have played / rated more games if there was a sorting option like that.

  8. McFunkypants says:

    Iā€™d like to suggest CONTENT ratings so I can filter out games with blood or swearing or sex when kids are around.

    Just honour system, no validation required.

  9. McFunkypants says:

    Idea: front page is not all posts, only those with “release” tag?

  10. Aglavra says:

    I’d like to have some labels that will show if the game has Windows, Web, Linux etc. version before I will click the link to the game. It started to take much time – to visit the page of an entry only to see, that I’m not able to run it, especially as we move to the end of the judgement period.

    An opportunity to answer to somebody’s somment on my game so that this person will get notification. will also improve the communication.

    Having the links for playing we version or downloading the game right under the post title is kinda weird and contr-intuitive. I know several people (inclluding myself, when I came to this site for a first time) who expect the game to be opened when clicking main screenshot or search for the link somewhere at the and of the post (this is more intuitive).

  11. micahcowan says:

    Options for receiving email notifications for replies to your entry, or to comments you make elsewhere on the site.

  12. sorceress says:

    It would be nice to have a thing to download the results data for each LD, to save people writing bots to trawl through all game pages.

  13. The emoticons are so creepy: :) :( We need kawaii ones

  14. Josh Riley says:

    Sorry I’m so late on this thread, but I just thought of one thing that sort of bothers me.

    There seems to be a bit of a gray area in the rules. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they go through all the themes in the final round and prepare ideas/designs for each or at least the most likely ones before the official theme is announced. I always thought it was a little bit against the spirit of the competition to do game design before the start of the contest, even if it’s not actual code or assets. The official rules page only states that creating code and assets before the start is disallowed, so I assume this practice isn’t against the rules, but perhaps it could be more clear?

    Anyway, I don’t know if it’s technically allowed or not, or whether it should or shouldn’t be, but it seems to be something that isn’t consistently applied either way.

  15. galsia says:

    I recommend hiding the results of theme voting for each round until the final theme is announced.

    When one is able to see the results of each voting round, that person can track the five most popular themes and plan ahead of the start of the competition. In addition, it will be to that person’s benefit to vote on the safe bets on the final round and minus vote the others, leading to the lopsided results often shown in the last round.

    Hiding the results of each round of voting will make it less certain what themes are popular, and make the theme announcement less predictable.

  16. Idea: Main page has priority, if you post too much your priority goes down and your posts gets smaller. If you never posted before, you get a big post.

  17. oxysoft says:

    Could we please have some markdown enabled for our entries? It would make everything so much more readable

  18. mrjohnson22 says:

    There are a ton of entries here and there’s no way I’ll read them all, so if what I say has already been said, it means it’s a feature people want. šŸ˜›

    -Platform tags: It should be possible to search for games based on their platform. With that information hidden from the searches as it is now, it’s hard to cycle through a list of games knowing which ones your device is compatible with.

    -Genre tags: it would be super helpful if authors could to tag their games with a list of genres (either from a list or user-defined ones, whichever would work better). Then, searches for games could be filtered by genre if you’re ever in the mood to compare games of similar styles.

    -Editable comments: Comments left on submissions should be editable. If the blog/comment system is getting an overhaul, the way comments work might change to support this anyways, but as it is now it’s strange being able to edit blog posts but not comments.

    There are probably a few things I’ll think of / remember later, too.

  19. ShivanHunter says:

    bug report: when going to view entries, it says the page is password protected. IRC tells me that the page is locked down while PoV generates the results. The error message must reflect that – it gives no information as it is.

  20. ehtd says:

    I really like the jam and is how I started to make videogames.

    Perhaps the only think I don’t like is having to manually sort between platforms, it would be nice to sort the voting by web/mac/windows/linux so I don’t click a game and see later that I can’t play it.

    Really great job, I hope for many more LDs!

  21. savethejets1 says:

    I’d like it if we could move to a rating system out of ten. I think that way there wouldn’t be as many ties and lumps of 100s of entries separated by like .1 point.

  22. mocker says:

    Work on discoverability and front page posts. For that can like others mentioned only post certain top posts to the front page. Have the rest of posts be sortable by type, ie dev blog, intent to join, post mortems.

    I think having more ways to tag your entry as well, you can do it by language/platform/tools used. If I want to see all the other entries being made with uh, Visual Basic, make it easy. Or see all the entries with web players.

    Honestly it’s tough, I remember just refreshing the front page and seeing an occasional new post to see how people were doing and now there are so many entries it’s overload any way it’s organized.

    I like having ways to integrate with Twitch/IRC/youtube. It’d be really great if there was a way for people doing Let’s Play type reviews of entries can tag them so we could see which ones have video reviews.

  23. Sheepolution says:

    I’d like to be able to see what games I rated after the results, so I can check how they did.

  24. jarnik says:

    – loved the first few times I did a timelapse, it was quite a funny experience so please keep recommending it to the newcomers (along with foodphotos :D)
    – love sharing war stories on IRC
    – love the comments section beneath my entries – it’s where I’ve experienced some of the best feedback ever
    – was always missing the point why the blog is on the /compo URL and not right at the domain base – /planet is 404ing and all other links are mentioned at /compo anyway. So it would be convenient to have the blog (or any compo-related content) right at the http://www.ludumdare.com/
    – maybe its already implemented, but I’ve been missing filtering entries by platform while judging – as I run on Linux, I cannot run some of the Windows entries

  25. sftrabbit says:

    This was my first time taking part in Ludum Dare and it was great! But I do have a few comments to make.

    – I find that the site could be a lot easier to navigate. I think part of the problem here is that it’s based on WordPress, and still feels a lot like a blog that has been stuffed into a different shaped hole.

    – The idea of “coolness” for pushing games to the front of the list is a neat idea, but I feel like it has too many problems. For example, those developers who don’t have access to a Windows machine are much more limited in the number of games they can play, which means that it’s harder to increase their coolness. The same goes for people who just don’t have the time to play lots of games. It feels like it’s a little too easy to game the system if you’ve got the time to do it.

    – It would be great to have better filtering functionality for the games. Many people have mentioned filtering by platform already. Often people will label their links in ways that make it ambiguous about whether it can be played. For example, “Web” doesn’t really say much. 80% of the Web games seem to be Unity games, which are not supported on every platform. I think it’d be great to be able to filter not only by the platforms that it actually runs on (where “Web” is not considered a platform), but also the technologies that it uses to run.

    Rather than list all the positives, I’ll just say that everything else is great! I had a lot of fun doing it.

    Anyway, I fully support evolving Ludum Dare into something better supported, bigger, and even more fun. I’d also love to lend a hand with anything, if it’d help.

  26. AtkinsSJ says:

    I guess this is mostly a bug report, but I might as well put it here: Right now, if a user hasn’t posted any blog entries their Author page (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/blah) gives a 404, so you can’t check-out their other games.

  27. Raimonds says:

    Integrate something like Sos Ludum dare rescue rangers. Maybe team profiles, so everyone can use their regular one, but its connected to the team.

  28. klianc09 says:

    One thing I think is important, is a better comment system for the actual rating pages. People should get informed, when I want to reply to them and write something like ‘@klianc09’.

    And something (slightly) offtopic, as I saw one proposing the polish category. I often would have liked an ‘usability’ category, because often the game would be even more fun, if only the controls were better, and I often find myself complaining about badly chosen controls or complex menus. This could also be coupled with the quality of tutorials provided, or the lack thereof. But not sure how good an idea that category would be, just a thought.

  29. Glaydur says:

    Filter systems! Like sorting Jams or compo games into playable by web, windows, mac blah blah

  30. smilingrob says:

    You should take sponsors like Alienware/Dell or Falcon NW. They could give 10% discounts on new computers 1 mo before the compo, and also give the top voted in every category something new. They give you 30k per LD for the privilege of being the main prize awarder.

    You could also do affiliate marketing. For every person that buys Maya after the LD trial, you get 10% of the sale. Or even better, we get 5% off and you get 5% (better because it encourages us to tell Autodesk you should get the commission)

    The good thing about these monetizations, is that they don’t change the fundamental rules, and keep the site community driven, as well as offer actual benefits (discounts/tools) to us developers.

  31. smilingrob says:

    Possibly next to the developer’s name, put the number of LD submissions they have made. This would encourage even more participation to get the clout that comes with having a higher number when writing a comment or making a post.

  32. Aske says:

    Not a major issue, but it would be nice if, when you click “my game” and you are not logged in, that it goes directly to the login page. Again, not a major topic, but it seems quick to do :)

  33. PoV says:

    Some pages ago I talked about how comments should be independently be worth coolness points. Comments should also be <3 +1 able. A comment with lots of <3’s should be worth more than one without. Basically, the system should discourage shotgun rating. Otherwise we get posts like this:


  34. PoV says:

    Is it worth having a feature like “Big Kudos”?

    Lets say there’s a version of +1 that’s REALLY big. It’s rare, every user doesn’t even start with one (but they can earn their first one without much trouble). If somebody does something on the website that you REALLY REALLY appreciate, you can give them your “Big +1”. The post or comment itself gets fancy embroidery, and perhaps even gets highlighted in the main feed. This “Big +1” is part of an internal score, like an eternal coolness.

    The weird part: we give a dollar value to the big kudos “Big +1″‘s.

    What I mean: Anyone that’s donated, every $5 or $10 (?) is worth one of these “Big +1″‘s. It’s a bit like Reddit Gold, but we don’t exactly have ads to hide. I want to think of it more like respect, because unlike Reddit, individuals matter more here.

    There should also be ways to earn free ones. Such as participating in a main LD event, or say, for every 3 you receive, you get one to give.

    Yes it’s a bit “free to play”, but I haven’t exactly heard anyone complain about Reddit gold. People love those gift boxes in Team Fortress 2.

  35. PoV says:

    Local Minimum ā€@Local_Minimum 13m
    @mikekasprzak btw, I’d love a poll(not to be ranked) while voting “Potential: would you future dev this entry? Y/No Need/N”.

    My interpretation: Some way to say “I love so much, I want you to make more!”.

    • My idea about “Potential” was also that sometimes while rating a game, you give low/medium grades because of the current state while the game can be the beginning of something truly great. To some extent this contrast may be captured in the category innovative. But once again, the rating there is on what has been achieved in the comp/jam version you just played and not how interesting and great the game could be with some more love. So the idea would be to help the developer(s) get feedback on the worth of continuing on the game somewhat independent of the scores awarded through voting.

  36. PoV says:

    Shaun Inman ā€@shauninman 1h
    @mikekasprzak Passive aggressively displaying Coolness 0% as only rating for game (because life) is 0% cool.

    Shaun Inman ā€@shauninman 1h
    @mikekasprzak I get what you’re trying to do (encourage participation) but this actually does the opposite.

    i.e. saying you are 0% cool is uncool. Be more tasteful.

  37. MrP123 says:

    Something like real user accounts, that you can find via the search bar. To find my older entries I had to go to google and search with google on ludumdare.com.

    Not a big problem, but would be nice none the less.

    Also replying to comments on your entry would be great.

  38. Gabriel says:

    I agree with all the usability and discoverability suggestions! Better profiles, optional email notification for comments on your threads or responses to your comments on others’ threads, a “like” (or “Big Kudos”) thing, etc. Now for two more exotic suggestions:

    FRONT PAGE HIGHLIGHT OF LAST EDITION’S TOP 5 GAMES. At the top of the front page, there are always the thumbnails of 5 games randomly selected between the Top 5 winners of any category. If the page is refreshed, a new random selection is made. This is a way to make sure that visitors (fans, journalists and fellow devs) are always introduced to the site with a taste of the best that LD has to offer! It would also give the very best games a little more visibility, which in these times of poor discoverability of the average indie developer would be a GREAT HELP and a really nice non-monetary prize that sounds very compatible with the community spirit.

    SELECTIVELY ALLOW ANONYMOUS FEEDBACK. This one is polemic, I know, and would have to be really well thought, but here’s the problem I’m trying to solve: people being afraid of giving perfectly honest feedback for fear of rate-retaliation. Although all the positive feedback that we usually get is great reinforcement to keep us all motivated, it is the negative feedback that allows you to actually learn how to improve your game. It’s sad when a game is all “loved the concept!”, “great graphics!” etc, and then the game ends up in 8032th place and the creator has absolutely no idea why. I had the opportunity to have one of our games (one which was extremely well rated and complimented here) evaluated by Indiecade jurors, and THEY showed no mercy, pointing to real flaws that I didn’t see before and that will actually help me improve. Be it allowing for anonymous feedback or whatever other REAL method, I think that having a place to receive brutally honest feedback would be awesome.

    • PoV says:

      Interesting. Highlighting, yeah that’s probably the way to go. I like that it’s a random top category winner.

      Anonymous feedback: It’s something we’ve debated for a very long time, but to be fair there is a place for it. If we’re thinking about fully rewriting the website, then this is again something for consideration. The main concern is that anonymous feedback is potentially more depressing. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

      So a way we could do it is 2-stage:

      1. You have to opt in. Give people a warning that the criticism will be harsher, maybe offensive (or some other good word, like depressing). You have been warned.

      2. Even though you’ve opted in, don’t immediately show the anonymous feedback. Show that there are X anonymous responses, that they could be extra harsh, are you sure you want to see them?

      On the other side, to the commentators, let them understand that your identity will be protected from the user, *BUT* if you do something abusive, we the administration still know who you are. This is a channel to give honest feedback without repercussion. Being abusive or a poor sport wont protect you publicly, or anonymously.

      Anonymous commenting could be a general built-in feature of the website. Optionally enable it for posts as well. Also part of your user settings, by default enable (or disable) anonymous commenting.

      • Gabriel says:

        Sweet! Yeah, all the considerations regarding anonimous feedback are quite reasonable and make sense. I think for people that are still aiming to get to the top 20% or so, the regular feedback will usually be enough (polish, controls, basic flow stuff etc). But for people trying to improve towards the top positions, usually it’s about less obvious stuff, so it would be really really helpful to be able to see that kind of criticism.

  39. Simon says:

    There are surely a number of technical points that need improvements:
    – A way to search a specific person
    – Be able to see the number of ratings we received on the game page
    – Notifications for follow ups on comments of course
    – Filters for searching games (keywords, platforms, genre, etc.)

    But what I would really like to see are improvements on the ratings:
    – The Overall rating should be the average rates received, otherwise a game that is not finished and lacks sounds, for instance, can have a perfect score and it’s just completely weird.
    – Humor is not really relevant or then there should be a Tragic rating, etc. Maybe, Fun should be in fact Emotion: how much the game made you feel something, whether it’s sadness, fun or humor.
    – And then add a category called Gameplay. Seems logic if we remove Fun.

    And another idea could be to let the keynoter choose the theme among the ones in the last round of vote. That could be fun and give a bit more responsibility to the keynoter, each LD would be specific to a keynoter.

    Also I think the number of ratings per game could be restricted to the level of coolness so that everyone has to rate games to get ratings and it would maybe prevent certain games from getting way too much ratings.

    Finally, I believe that Jam participants should not be able to rate compo games and compo participants should not be able to rate jam games. This is not the same competition.

  40. Sandcrawler says:

    There are several things that I would like to see improved. including the already mentioned quality of usage features, such as searching for a person.

    I would like to see the main part of this blog improved to include a variety of content, based on tags or keywords. I picture something with columns similar to tweetdeck. A column for I’m in, progress, foodpics, and videos. or possibly the ability to configure them yourself.

    The other big thing is the rating system. I don’t think it works well with the size of the competition. By this I largely mean that at the end when I can see my ranking, it is essentially a useless number. I don’t have anything to compare it to. I think I would rather see the voting system become simplified, using a +1, 0, -1 system similar to theme voting. That way in the end you can see that X number of people think your game fits the theme, X are neutral, and X don’t think it fits.

    Another idea for rating it to allow the entry to specify what they want to be rated on, when they submit the game. If the game doesn’t have music or sound, then it doesn’t need to be rated on it. Basically the option to opt out of categories of rating that are not relevant. There are a lot of games that don’t really use humor, my most resent entry included, yet they are still rated for humor.

  41. LTyrosine says:

    Some random ideas about the rating system:

    * 1-5 stars rating have 2 problems. 1) different people have different standards and 2) he/she will rate only a small fraction of entries . So, beside the 5 categories that a game is judged, there is a 6th that is the standards of the few judges that will rate this game, that gets more and more weight as ratio judges/game decreases. A single like/unlike system (for each cat.) would simplify things and push to a more normalized path (albeit not solving the problem entirely)

    * Maybe should be a good idea to split the judgement period in stages (maybe by weeks). So only top n% of entries go to the next stage and those staying back could get their final score right there. At first glance this seems unfair. But after looking at some rating x time charts (thanks Will Edwards) we saw how few are the people still rating in later/near end periods of judgement anyway. This would give everyone an extra motivation to still engaged and few (and good) games to focus on.

    * Maybe the Overall category should be calculated over the average of other categories rather than an value inputted by judges.

    * About Humor category: this doesn’t make sense for some games for they are built with another objectives rather then humor and still are great games.

  42. PoV says:

    ELO ratings were brought up (see comments). http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2014/09/19/awesome-and-wicked-rating-system-idea/

    We don’t have an easy way to pair games that would A/B test well, but I suppose an enhancement would be to optionally give sets of 2 games to compare.

    * * *

    Some other thoughts that came out of reading that:

    – Coolness given for your assigned games should be higher (unsure how this works though)
    – Coolness for games below scoring a rating should be higher

    * * *

    Stop telling people their score (I.e. 2.4). Instead, tell them their place, and how far they were away from the top score. In other words, for each category, do a pass/query that finds the highest score.

    This is far more valuable information than “2.4”.

    Many people comment how they improve over time, so we should give them the tools to make that their primary metric.

  43. PoV says:

    We need a big “total games” counter.

    * * *

    We need a way to hide/show spoilers.

    * * *

    It seems to come up every so often, people wanting to run either a Mini-MiniLD, or other impromptu events. Generally, people are just looking for some acknowledgement, someone to agree with them. But think, what if we could facilitate the random whim to whatever whenever?

    Here’s a thought: I’m calling them Social Jams. The basic idea is like a Twitter Trending Topics list of themes. For example, 4 people decide they’re going to spend the next 8 hours making games based on dice. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to highlight this intent, and even broadcast it, so that others can choose to participate too?

    Unstructured, impromptu, game jams.

    We already have too many jams (see every article on the state of jams), but why do we have to ignore them?

    I don’t know how to make this work yet, whether it’s a twitter related feature (#gamejam #dice) or something built directly in to LD (or both).

    What we should do is design this feature to be inclusive of other jams. If folks are doing Global Game Jam or 7DFPS, those should be the trending Social Jams, and LD should know about them. I’ve already mentioned (somewhere) that LD should facilitate games from all jams, so this is just an extension of that.

    Again, not sure how this all works yet, but it’s an interesting problem to consider. Especially how to handle abuse. šŸ˜‰

  44. Sheepolution says:

    Have “Recent events” not so small in a corner.
    Maybe a hall of fame where you can see all the winners (or top 3) of past compos per category all together instead of having to go to each event separately.

  45. Kristian Gibson says:

    Just to start, I wish I could donate to you, but I don’t have the money šŸ˜®

    Anyway, I think it would be awesome for the people that do donate to have a “donators” page in the game submissions, this will give your donators a little bit of attention (which they deserve) but still keep it fair. Secondly, a revamp of the rating system should probably be done, mainly to prevent ‘shotgun’ voting. I would also support you on a ‘tools’ page where commonly used or good tools are posted- maybe even special discounts (like in a normal Ludum Dare). And lastly, for those that can only do art/music etc maybe a mini LD for them- where the best pixel art or chiptune wins?

    Good Luck! šŸ˜€

  46. dcolgan says:

    It seems that every Ludum Dare, I hear people say that they like a lot of the themes, and that they really don’t like the theme that was chosen. While this may just be that everyone always hates the chosen theme, I wonder if the +1/0/-1 system is biased to choose mediocre themes?

    Perhaps something like instant runoff voting (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting) would be a better system? Each person ranks the themes from most liked to least liked, and until one theme has a 50% majority, the last place theme is removed from contention and votes are recalculated.

  47. PoV says:

    We’ve been avoiding it for a long time, but we should really get specific regarding the open-source license of LD code. Let users easy-pick what license to apply, each concisely explained. Allow search/sorting by permissiveness of license.

    I was contacted by GitHub regarding a neat idea of theirs: a derivatives jam. Expand upon a game created in a Jam, like LD. Unfortunately, I can’t Carte Blanche say yes it’s okay, since license is unspecified.

    Should probably go with the CC system. Generate the license based on a set of 3 checkboxes (no derivatives, non commercial, etc), or special boxes like Public Domain, GPL, MIT, BSD, other.

    Unsure what default license should be, perhaps on signup this should be one of the questions: your preferred License.


    OSI is kinda useless. CC licenses are much better, but aren’t source code licenses (not really).

    Public Domain – most permissive.
    Zlib – pretty close. No attribution required. Only restriction is that license can’t be removed from source code.
    MIT – Do anything, give credit. (2-clause BSD is same)
    BSD – Do anything, give credit, author doesn’t endorse you. (3-clause)
    GPL – derivatives must also be free.
    Need: Some derivative GPL, like GPL+Me.
    No derivatives.

    * * *

    We probably need a way to contact authors. Of course I have the mega database of email addresses, but nobody else does. If we were to have a generic “contact” form in profiles, I do worry about abuse. If it was “from users only”, or part of notifications (email upon PM setting), that would be an improvement. It’s still exploitable, if new users can PM. If PMs are earned, it does partially defeat the purpose of contacting.

    * * *

    If certain features, like PMs, are user locked in some way (some mathy way of determining human-ness), we should have a way to manually “tag as human” a user.

  48. PoV says:

    Start Tracking our Twitch Live Streams.

    I would love to know 2 things:

    1. Who our most active “Ludum Dare” game streamers are.
    2. How many hours a day viewers can tune in and watch someone make a game.

    Obviously the milestone is reaching 24 hours of constant gamedev. The crazy thing, I think we’re actually not far away. During Ludum Dare is a given, but year round?

    Other interesting stats:

    – Number of Man Hours (i.e. total sum of all hours)
    – Number of hours of constant gamedev (days, weeks, years)
    – Total viewers (per user, overall)

    Would be great to highlight our regular game streamers during events. And once things are more integrated, give a badge to participants that are regular streamers. Perhaps even show when they’re live (on their posts or comments).

  49. PoV says:

    Make “@me” a shorthand that automatically inserts my own twitter.

    Alternatively, some way of saying “twitter” or “twitch” to insert a useful link to my own. +twitter, +twitch.

    Or even better, just add a button to the editor “My Twitter”, “My Twitch”, etc.

    At the very least “me” should be a reserved word/slug.

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