Took a long time to settle on an idea.

Posted by of United Federation of Planets
August 23rd, 2014 12:45 am

“Connected worlds. Sounds really good — that’s a lot to work with. Awesome theme.”

Cue 6 hours of frustrated thought, punctuated by occasional naps and bowel movements. Still not totally settled. On an idea, I mean.

Connections: links, bridges, passages, communication, transfers, shared points

Worlds: planets, types of game, lands, fictional universes, times, planes of existence, or even just “places”

So… linked planets (like osmos or neptune’s pride), or communication between two types of game (like where text adventure goes graphical in an old LucasArts game I forget the name of), or transfers between planes of existence (man, fucking eversion), shared points between fictional universes (as in the comic the unwritten, or kingdom hearts), passages between places (snakes and ladders… or minecraft).

Lots of ideas. Maybe too many! Would a snakes-and-ladders style platformer be any fun? Could I even make it? Would a mashup of 2-3 (or more) totally different styles of game be *remotely* possible in a weekend? What about some kind of hacker game where you make connections between electronic things? Maybe I should just default to literally making lines between planets — some sort of quick resource-management game..

Know what would be a great connected worlds game? Fez. That shit was clutch.

Hey, what about a game where, every single time you make a move, you’re in a totally different world? You take a step, and the world changes around you. You jump, it changes. Blocks fly around, jumps materialize or disappear. Ramps change direction. Blocks decide to be moving. Art shifts dramatically. Enemies join forces with you or swap spots or gain wings or simply disappear. That … could be really cool.

I don’t know if it would be better to have it be pre-planned, or random, but I don’t trust myself to pre-plan that sort of thing. So random it is for now. What would a boss fight be like in a world that never stays the same? What sort of powers could the hero bring to bear on that universe? Can I even code a barely functional platformer, let alone something so ambitious? (hell no)

Well, here we go. Ludum dare 30. Jackson said it best, I think: “hold on to your butts“.

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