Third Ludum Dare – Wuhoh

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August 23rd, 2014 2:40 am

Hi. As the title says this is my third attempt at a Ludum Dare. This post will be a bit of a mess as it’s part general information and part mental dump (that I’ll hope will provide interesting insights into my general thought process).

I was pretty happy with my first Ludum Dare. The theme was “You Only Get One”. I made a little game where you played as the number 1 (the only character you could play to begin with) and had to solve maths problems by placing clones of the 1 character everywhere. I was happy with the idea of the game but never got round to finishing it, only the first level was ever finished and that only happened in the last 45 minutes of the competition. I had a lot of cool ideas for how to take it forward but stumbled on the implementation details of how to make it cleverly variable between levels (something I’d still like to do).

The second Ludum Dare I took part in had the theme “Beneath The Surface”. I had several ideas for this one and couldn’t quite decide on one. After a couple of failed started attempts I had to give up and it kind of bummed me out.

This time the theme is “Connected Worlds” as you’ll probably all know. Again I find myself with quite a few ideas and none of them are quite as fleshed out as I’d like and I’m a bit worried I’ll end up in the same position I was in last time. My favourite is quite a simple game but I’m a bit worried the connection to the theme will be missed by many (the major complaint of my first LD) and that the game will come off as dull unless I’m VERY careful. I’m working on a quick design document to try and flesh it out a bit.

I’m thinking it’ll be something akin to a non-horror 5 Nights at Freddie’s (non-intentional similarity given how recently it came out but I think it’s the closest fit for the style of game I’m thinking of) mixed with Civ style diplomacy. As I’m writing, I’ve just thought of a really cool feature but I don’t know that it’d be easy to implement without losing some of the essence of the gameplay and I don’t want to say in case I can do it so I don’t spoil anything.

I’m also stuck on whether I should go for full custom engine (probably easier in the long run) or go Unity for added graphical fidelity. I don’t know Unity all that well and as much as I like the idea we’ve never really seen eye to eye. DELETE THAT ASSET AGAIN I DARE YA! /rage Ultimately I’m thinking full custom for now and if it proves popular I can reimplement the game in a 3D engine like Unity post competition.

At this point in my game programming “career” (quoted because I’m not a career game dev) I can see how far I’ve come even since just December but I also acknowledge I’m in that weird transitiony period between “don’t know a thing” and “I know too much for my own good, how can I constrain my desires!?”

The other main reason for writing this article is to say that I’ll soon be setting up a Twitch stream for the development of the game and to post my git link for people to see my general development/thoughts as I go through it.

My twitch is

The git link is: … I can’t get the git link working atm. I’ll update as soon as I work it out.

Ok so the link is:¬†git:// – Please be gentle this is running on a Raspberry Pi on my home network. Too much traffic’ll probably kill everything…

Anyways thanks for reading. I hope it provided a little insight into what I’m doing. If you’d like a list of some of my ideas (and which one I’ll be probably going with – and/or would like to help me decide) let me know in the comments and I’ll post them up) :)

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