The character is finally rigged and is ready to be animated tomorrow. The Pic on the left shows the playable map.

We develope a sci-fi semi-online multiplayer hack&slay plattformer. We host the map and about sixteen players can join in – the trick to our game is that you can’t see other players, but only the effect they have on the shared world. So if someone loots a chest it disappears for everyone – if someone activates a trap that trap is hindering everyone – if someone killed all the little data-goblins – lucky him no one else gets that loot no more. After 15 minutes the game announces scores and resets the level.

We actualize a small 100 character data every second to keep the up-/ and downstream low enough to not stress our little raspberry pi server too much.

The game currently features running, turning and jumping + the basic netcode.


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