Still proceeding randomly

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August 23rd, 2014 2:30 pm

So I am all over the place with my project.  I’m making progress on all fronts but I’m thinking that next time I’ll have to be more organized and actually finish individual pieces before moving on to the next ones.  Part of the problem is that HaxeFlixel and Spriter are both new to me (Spriter actually brand new).


So my game is going to have a ninja squid infiltrating boats attempting to destroy the main computer to shut them down (that’s how boats work, right?).  The test level is made, some of the game logic is in place, and I recently got distracted with the opponents for our daring squid.  Here are the evil dock workers (who are, for some reason, working on boats now…  Like I said, I didn’t plan this out well) hungry for calamari and just waiting for the Squinja (squid-ninja obviously) to make his appearance.



I should probably get working on the actual character sometime…

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  1. Yozz says:

    Ah, you’re using sceletal 2D animation? You`re cool and i’m not tought enough to handle it – keep drawing by frames.

    • MiniBobbo says:

      Yeah, it is skeletal animation. It is actually super easy compared to traditional animation, I think. I’d highly recommend Spriter. It is free to try and can do most of the stuff the Pro version can. These animations are the first ones I’ve done with Spriter and all it took was watching a 30 minute demo video to get me up and running. I used it for an hour and went out and bought the Pro version.

  2. Kerdelos says:

    I’m just here to say that Squinja is a great name !

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