Social Network Simulator, random stuff going on

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August 23rd, 2014 5:53 pm

As I explained here, I’m making a silly social network simulator. Not real interaction yet, no goals or win/lose condition. Right now it’s just a randomized fake facebook feed.



Current features:

-3 users (Phil Fish, Grumpy Cat and Obama)

-10 quotes by each one(Some are real, some made up by me and some found on google)

-You can select “don’t care” or “f**k it” on each update


What I’d like to include tomorrow:



-More characters(3-5 more would be awesome)

-Some kind of chat with them(this one will probably be left out due to deadlines)


What it’d be totally awesome but will not be in the game:

-Some kind of goal

-Something to avoid repetition and other nonsense stuff

-More interaction


And that’s all for today, I’m going to sleep now :)

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