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August 23rd, 2014 7:39 am

I’ve probably spent more time today cooking than coding! I came up with an idea in an hour or so after waking up and checking the theme, but I’ve hit a few snags implementing the idea. I’ve checked the LD page out every now and then and I really like how people interpret the theme very differently, so many great ideas out there that are genuinely novel and different to each other. I look forward to getting to play the games already!


My game is a 4-player game (1 to 4 players) with screen split into four worlds. Each character is controlled by a player, either simultaneously or if there are less than 4 human players, you can switch to whichever character you like. Each character explores their world and tries to match their camera so that their world connects with the adjacent world, in which case the characters can jump into each other worlds. I have a few alternative ideas for the objective of the game, but most likely each character has to find a piece of an artefact in their world and get another character to help them move it. When the four pieces of artefact are joined, you win!


Four worlds connected


TheĀ game doesn’t have a name yet, but I think that doesn’t really matter. It comes with time I guess! In other news, I just finished drawing the character thumbnails, I most certainly don’t have enough time to animate them all, but I’ll try to get all four in the game anyway. I feel it makes for a better multiplayer for each player to have their own character :) I kind of like how the thumbnail silhouettes turned out. Each of them feels different and in some way interesting.


Characters! But so much work!

I have more work to do than I can manage in the remaining time, but I think I’ll get something done. And I’ve grown to like the game idea so much I think I will continue working on the game even after LD. Back to work, then, I guess!

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