Plan B

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August 23rd, 2014 12:24 am

I wake up one hour ago and I’m already on my plan B. Well, it’s ludum dare, time is precious.

First idea was an aquaponics garden. You are a survivor from some space crash and you are all alone in you emergency shuttle with an aquaponics garden, providing you with food and oxygen that you need to balance.
Needless to say, gameplay wasn’t framed, only lightly outlined. This would require a ton of balancing and a ton of different thing to do before it start to look like a game.

So, plan B. King of the Hill.
6 Hill, from different dimension, mysteriously connect together. Certainly because planets are aligned. 5 Hill come from kingdom full of warrior. The last one only offer a big, sturdy doors.
Idea is simple, you choose a warrior, warrior climb on top of the Hill and fight. After 10 victory in a row, the doors open and you get your ending.
I should have the time to do that.

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