Now Comes the Hard Part

Posted by of United Federation of Planets
August 23rd, 2014 4:10 pm


The game hasn’t visually changed much in the last several hours — I’ve been figuring out how Phaser does camera scrolling in a world larger than the screen, how to dynamically add/remove platforms at random, how to tell what platform the protagonist is currently standing on, and a myriad other little things.

So, now comes the hard part, I guess. I’ve managed to get over the technical hurdle of “just getting anything to do anything”, which has traditionally stumped me. I still have game states and a victory condition to add in for sure, and more art assets to create, but first is the true meat of game design: making this into a fun, compelling experience. I have several ideas for mechanics, but I won’t know until I’ve tried them whether they really work, and a lot of them are just preliminary thoughts. Some of them I don’t even know how I’d implement.

The basic premise is neat, with platforms coming and going regularly and having to jump between them. I think some more visual variety among them will help make things even more compelling. Probably the next thing to do is to make their spawn locations a bit smarter, so that there’s less time spent waiting for options to open up, and more time spent doing stuff. The controls are still a little uncertain, but I did manage to get “hold to jump longer” to work, which is quite pleasing.

This evening I’ve got some plans, and I’m near to considering dropping them to keep working. It’s probably best to go be social :) in which case I’ll get cracking again tomorrow morning.

Until next time!

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