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August 23rd, 2014 8:36 am

This is my first time posting anything here so let me introduce myself.

I work as a software engineer but my job has nothing to do with game development. I’ll work on various project related to Android platform. When I got home there’s not much time to do anything related to programming as my 1-year old son demands so much attention, so when he is finally sleeping I have no energy left to sit in the dark room and play with hobby programming.

But I love game development. I read tons of stuff. I try to think about various algorithms or design patterns that might be used to resolve some problem that bugs me. The problem is, I haven’t finish anything yet. All of my game development stops on the engine.

So one day, looking at the calendar I saw that my wife with son are going out and they won’t be at home for the whole weekend. And the great thing about it is that the same weekend belongs to LD30! So I thought to myself: why not try to sign in? And here I am.

So after 10h of design and development (inkscape, gimp, pyxel edit, vs c++ & sfml lib) I’ve achieved the following state:

  • Simple rendering engine using stack states is done
  • Resources management (textures, fonts) is finished
  • Level loader that uses .png files as its input is finished
  • Level mechanics
  • Simple assets are finished: menu background, game background and

Still to be done:

  • Collision detection, this is main mechanics
  • Player movement based on gravity
  • Audio effects & Music (there’s gonna be no music probably as I don’t know much about this topic)
  • Sprite polishing
  • Better input handling: Joystick support + rebindable keys
  • Maybe (big maybe) PCG-ed levels

So nice to meet you guys!

Node 54 Main Menu
Node 54 Level Editor
Node 54 Level1

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