Hello there, Mr. Ambitious

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August 23rd, 2014 3:07 pm

So, right from the beginning I already knew this would not not be an entry for winning, or serious competition at all. Luckily my main goal for this Ludum Dare is gaining more experience. Working in an engine I am not very accustomed to, with a slightly too ambitious concept… that sounds just like my weekend.

I still made some good progress though. Maybe not as much as I wanted, but I have made some basic mechanics in Unity, and feel more comfortable using it now. You can even already set up the trade routes, and the loading/unloading and supply/demand mechanics are already in place. I have been stuck a lot on UI stuff, which is a task I have highly underestimated in requiring a lot of time. The vehicle management is something that still has to be done, and then there is a lot of polishing, making the game more player-friendly and fun. In general I am certain I can get something to deliver in the end, but I do not know yet how polished it will be and how much it will represent the experience I wanted to create.

While there isn’t much to see yet, I decided to upload a build anyway, so you can mess around clicking things :)


(use middle mouse or arrows to move camera, left mouse to click stuff and press ‘0’ to reset the camera).

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