Friendly Baubles: now with sound, monologues

Posted by (twitter: @micahcowan)
August 23rd, 2014 10:27 pm

Okay, what I have so far (play it here):

An aimable shooter with a ball you can shoot at your “friends” that prompts them to say things. (A/D or Left/Right to aim, Space/W/Enter to fire). The friends move around on preset paths. Their graphics are not even remotely finished, just the barest of tests to play with EaselJS’s Sprite class.

And sound! There’s now background music, which I whipped up in < 10 minutes noodling on my Yamaha NU-1 (it’s probably repetitive: “M” should disable music). Couldn’t find my Reason software, but that’s probably for the best as I’d be tempted to spend too much time dicking with that. And a “fire” sound effect I threw together in Audacity using noise and tone generators, and the Fade Out and Sliding Tone Change effects.

Beginning to come together, I think. The basics are there, now I just need to draw the various people in the different “worlds”, the ability to shift worlds, and the ability to grab friends so you can shoot them at friends in other worlds to try to form a connection. :)

Current look at the game

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