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August 23rd, 2014 7:54 am

The first few hours have been great!

A bunch of brainstorming some very different ideas. Scribbled notes, jotted symbols, inspiration from random words on the internet.


I boiled down my thoughts into a list of specific themes and mechanics, and pitched them to my friend. Some of them needed more writing/narrative effort, some were more of a challenge to code…


I’m constantly reminding myself of my motto for the weekend, “finished trumps awesome”. My plan was to pick something simple, even if it wasn’t awesome. This turns out to be more of a challenge than I hoped.My “best” idea – which is to say, the one I’m running with instead of deciding forever – isn’t quite formed. A two-scale game where the inner game affects the outer game – just isn’t gelling into place yet. None of the inner/outer combinations I’ve been thinking of seem like they’d be obvious or fun.

I’ve totally got game envy from my friend – while I’m still stuck in the mists of generality and abstraction, my friend’s idea is concrete and simple, ready to implement.

I’m going to have to switch ideas completely, or just go with one of the games that may not be obvious fun.

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