End of day one

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August 23rd, 2014 3:31 pm

So, day one is over.

Coming up with an idea was pretty easy.
Coding the prototype was a piece of cake. Unity <3
Arriving at a graphical style was a friggin’ struggle. Went in a bunch of directions before I arrived here. All in all, I think it looks pretty good right now.

Was supposed to have a white cat as the main character.
Drew and animated it but everything fell apart when I was trying to get the idle/run/jump animations to fade seamlessly between each other.
I couldn’t figure out the BlendTree stuff in Unity in a reasonable amount of time, so I gave up. </3 :(

So now, the main character is a glowing white box.

The gameplay is nothing revolutionary,  a mix between portal, vvvvvv, and ibb and obb I guess.
Hope to be able to make up for it with gamefeel and atmosphere.

Most of the time have been spent on graphics and tuning the movement.
Really need to get going with level design.
But that will have to wait for tomorrow!

Hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated!

Now sleep.

Hannes out. Peace.

Skärmavbild 2014-08-24 kl. 00.25.10
This is how the game looks right now. 


Gameplay GIF


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8 Responses to “End of day one”

  1. The style remembers me at a mix of Minecraft and Spirits – but mainly Spirits 😉

  2. TheMorfeus says:

    Another game which, when i look at it, makes me think is it even worth finishing what i am doing ;-;

  3. TobiasW says:

    Aw. Show us the cat! And: Your art is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. dreadpiratepj says:

    I like this! And that’s really nice art work. I agree with Tobias, upload some gifs of the cat doing various things. Maybe someone can help you figure out how to blend the animations. But the glowing white cube is cute, nonetheless.

  5. JetL33t says:

    Looks like winner art to me :)

  6. oranebeast says:


  7. psydack says:

    Great Art and nice idea.

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