30 hours into #LD30

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August 23rd, 2014 11:46 pm

AI States have been completed. Warriors can now train, idle, hunt and produce new warriors. When hunt mode is enabled, wolves will spawn through portals scattered on the map and attack. Hunger/health and level systems has been implemented.

  • Successfully killing a wolf will fill a warrior’s hunger meeter. Also rewards XP (Albeit, way less then training mode)
  • In Idle mode health is regenerated. Hunger starts to rise.
  • In training mode the warriors train and can advance levels (increasing their stats), but their hunger level rises.
  • If two or more warrior’s are in IDLE mode, there’s a chance they will engage in conversation that will result with the addition of a new member to the tribe.
Every day is #LD48 upper body day!

Every day is #LD48 upper body day!


Only 18 hours left and there is still so much left to do. At least it’s starting to shape up.

Edit: Ok, just for you guys, some better GORE:




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  1. zapaman says:

    Think I should name this game: ARBFTBALGWL: asexual reproduction, blood for the blood god and little green weight lifters!

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