To Boldly Go Where No Subculture Has Gone Before!

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August 22nd, 2014 9:16 pm

For this Ludum Dare, Phil, Nathan, and Gordon invite you to a spacestation, adrift in the vastness of space, where five very different cultures make their homes.

Hop from planet to planet through the handy travel tubes! (comfort and leg room not guaranteed)

As a bored peacekeeper from Boring City, you venture fourth into the greener, more interesting subcultures. You were once all unified, but differences in living style and aesthetics have left you (almost literally) worlds apart. Your once intelligent and logical space exploration platform has become an absurd maze of half-constructed travel tubes linking a raft of city-planets. Inter-‘national’ relations are not good. Maybe you could help? I’m sure this young lady would be happy to help-

Just don’t anger her, those shades look vicious.

You’d probably have to ask very politely, though.

ISS Subculture (WT) will be a Visual Novel, built in Ren’Py.

Nathan will be handing coding and scripting for the project. This isn’t his first Ludum Dare rodeo, having previously entered for the ’10 Seconds’ and ‘Beneath the Surface’ jams (which you can play for yourself here or on Ludum Dare itself.) He has a permanent fascination with subcultures, fashion, and writing diverse characters, and plays mostly Visual Novels and JRPGs.

Phil’s contribution to the project will consist of trying to put his creative writing degree to use and staggering through Ren’Py’s learning curve. His gaming influences consist mainly of what he calls ‘jumpy-climby games’ (AC & Prince of Persia), and far too much time spent playing MMOs.

Gordon is the project’s Rad Artfriend, bringing the different cities of ISS Subculture to life. His unique style is perfect for this crazy bullshit. Find more of him on his Tumblr.

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  1. Serena says:

    Candy Harajuku. I want to live there please.

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