Stellation – First update!

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August 22nd, 2014 8:06 pm

Hey all! In case you missed it what with the post-theme-announcement site crash, here’s my click-baity first post for this LD: 8 Reasons I’m Doing the Ludum Dare

So, yeah, MMO-ville. What’s that going to look like? Here’s a cell phone picture of my plan so far:

Dat handwriting.

Dat handwriting.

For those who can’t read my scrawl: The game is calledĀ Stellation, and it’s an instanced MMO where players (as balls of light) work together to illuminate areas of darkness and form shapes. As puzzles are solved and the walls in the game break down, players are joined from their separate instances to form larger worlds.

Tonight, I’m going to finish planning in Trello and work on getting a basic one-room server running in AWS to see if this isĀ at all possible (really should have done warm-up weekend). If everything goes as swimmingly as I plan for it to, I will actually get enough sleep tonight to make something lovely and testable tomorrow. Again, best of luck to all participants, happy LD!

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