Since the beginning of time…

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August 22nd, 2014 6:56 pm

Since the beginning of time two worlds have coexisted side by side.  The environment from each world is inherently deadly to creatures of the other world which was enough to keep the peace for a time, with small skirmishes taking place at the gaps between the worlds.  However, creatures from one world were warlike and crafty, building ships capable of breaching the gaps, enslaving and devouring creatures from the other.  For a long time the creatures from the second world were nearly powerless against the invaders, with millions taken into captivity and devoured.  The large ships are nearly unstoppable and the besieged creatures powerless against their invaders.

Things, however, are changing…  It is time for the enslaved to strike back!

One of the enslaved, enraged by the destruction of the world he loves vows vengeance.  It is time for the underwater world to strike back against the ships of the overair!

I give you…


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