My Final Round votes

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August 22nd, 2014 6:44 am

Despite my contribution to LD#30 is gonna be a hard run, it doesn’t mean that I can’t vote! So here’s my vote:

Alchemy – I’d be happy if I could make a FMA-related stuff, but otherwise, no. Sorry
Another World – might be good, but I don’t prefer giving neutral votes. Also, I’m not sure about it
Break the Rules – always appears in votes, I never want it. I wouldn’t mind actually, but I’d be happy if something else would win.
Chaos – vague enough to provide a huge variety.
Choose a Path – replayability, here I come!
Connected Worlds – it was in Round 1, and I don’t want to feel as if voting was decided already in Round 1.
Day and Night – I don’t know. I just like it.
Destroy the System – I don’t get it.
Don’t stop Moving – I’m not gonna play 2500 Canabalt clones.
Do No Harm – pacific style, ehheheee, love it!
Fortress – surprised it didn’t happen yet.
Growing – more and more of the same stuff, WANT IT!
Isolation – kinda accurate description of my current state.
Lost in Space – not vague enough. Otherwise it’d be great.
No One Can See You – there was a great Unity game in one of the previous LDs, that covered it pretty well.
Randomly Generated – it seriously approached Final Round??? What’s going on???
Strength in Numbers – it’s rather a programming challange than a game theme.
You’re not Supposed To Be Here – self-reflection.
You Are Already Dead – same as Another World.
You Must Leav it Behind – why not?

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