So.. Nearly four hours after the Jam starts and here I sit with a fully developed idea, fully thought out mechanics, graphics ideas, audio plans (and a teammate for composition!), and all the maps for the whole game down.  It’s been quite a productive evening, if you ask me.

Tomorrow I’m gonna actually start the coding process.  I know pretty much how all the mechanics will fit into place so hopefully I can get all the basics down tomorrow.. I have to do graphics creation, but there’s not really that many graphics assets planned so it should go quickly; a few hours at most.

The concept is pretty good, even if it might be a bit cliche.  If I have time I’d like to go back and add some bits and pieces to the game to make it pop, but first I need to make an actual game. 😛

Graphics… need to do. 😛  Like I said above, there’s not too many unique assets in the game so things should go fast there.  We’ll see.  I do have planned some effects that might be somewhat difficult for me to do.. we’ll see.

As for the audio, I’ve got a teammate who will be composing some pieces for me.. hopefully I can get them integrated and not have only one playing on loop… like I did for LD28..

And, the crowning achievement of the evening is the maps I’ve developed.  Sure, it means the game is somewhat linear, but I think it’ll be quite interesting if I can get around to those extra bits I mentioned before.

All in all, I’m pretty confident I can make this one count.  We’ll see in two days!


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  1. TKia_ says:

    It’s already been 4 hours?

    It’s already been 4 hours…

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