In for a Seventh Time!

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August 22nd, 2014 3:59 pm

Once again in, and loving it.  Unfortunately this is the first time I have obligations outside of the competition that I can’t delay (cooking at a charity cookout), so I’m out most of Sunday.  As a result I’m going to really need to watch my time and basically be done by Sunday morning, or since I got Monday off, switch to jam to get the extra time.

In any case here is my declaration of tools:

Programming: Visual Studio, C# using XNA 4.0.  I actually took Monday off, so maybe a port via Monogame?  (I say this every time, but haven’t done it you so I’m sorry to the non Windows users).

Graphics: Paint.NET, Corel Photopaint, Sketchbook Pro, and maybe Spine for animation if I don’t decide to do NES stile pixel art.

Sound: SFXR, FamiTracker, Audacity, Baritone Ukulele?

Base Code: My custom engine. It’s a pretty extensive collection of input, sound, and graphics wrappers with a really great camera and animation support. This time I’ve added an experimental C# scripting engine that let each game actor run their logic as if on their own thread without actually needing extra threads via some clever use of yield statements. Seriously, take a look and steal some goodies from the code!

Font: For any text display, I have been using a free font  from, specifically Proggy Square.  I have converted it to a spritefont (PNG) for use in XNA (both full size, and something that fits in 8×8 for NES style graphics).  The original font and converted formats can be downloaded Here.

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