Alright, we’re closing in on the start of the show, so it’s about time I declared my base code.

It includes my favorite libraries from the LÖVE community, basic outlines for entity and gamestate structures, and an in-progress version of my in-development tile.lua library. It handles collisions between entities and tile grids in the cleanest way I know how. Feel free to use it, just know it’s not done just yet. (Especially know that it breaks if the entities are much taller or wider than 2x the tile size.)

Also, I’m going to be teaming this time around with Terrabyte, a.k.a. terrabyte_aura, a.k.a. terraby_t, a.k.a. Finnbar. I generally call him Finnbar. In the past, he has been instrumental (heheh) in the development of our MiniLD 43 entry, Song of Sparks, and also developed the pretty dang awesome YOU MUST GET THE ATOMS without my involvement. And then he programmed some DIY gamer kit for UK people, but I’m still not sure I understand that. He’ll probably be a big help with music.

You already know what tools I’m using. My goals for this LD? Only to make a game.

As always, good luck to everyone, especially you new guys because blah blah you make the event what it is or something.

See you on the other side.

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