I’m in again… this time I brought a friend…

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August 22nd, 2014 8:42 am

I entered back in Ludum Dare #24 (Evolution), when I made a very unpolished word game.

This weekend not only am I entering but I’ve roped in a friend to do it at the same time. Neither of us are warmed up (or particularly used to game development) but we’re both keen as commanders.

What’s likely to be in my toolbox this time? Let’s see…

Sound and Music:

  • Earslap music generation tools: Circuli for ambience, and Otomata
  • Abundant Music – if I need more complex music
  • Leshy’s SFMaker (or maybe CFXR)
  • Audacity for recording and sample editing


  • Pen and paper
  • The camera on my phone
  • Pixelmator for big image editing (photos, textures)
  • I might buy Pixen if I need to do pixel art sprite animations

Code and Infrastructure:

  • CoffeeScript (compiling to JavaScript) because it makes me feel nice
  • The Phaser game engine seems popular, let’s go with that.
  • Yeoman and a generator for convenient Web scaffolding
  • Lo-Dash, Browserify, Bower, Grunt, LiveReload, whatever else the kids are using these days
  • Web hosting on GitHub Pages or whatever.

My main goal this time around is to make a “complete” and somewhat polished game in the allotted time without burning myself out. If the game is actually fun or artistic, I’ll consider that a great bonus.

I’d better get some sleep before the theme is announced….

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