Hey all! This is my obligatory check-in for #LD48 (or is it #LD30? I’ll be 100% right someday). This is my 1-year anniversary edition of Ludum Dare, but for a while it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to participate this time around. However, I made room in my life and was able to motivate myself by making this list of 8 Reasons I’m Doing the Ludum Dare!

  1. I love game development! (duh)

    And compose, and draw, and animate, and-

  2. I don’t have much free time, but a sleepless weekend every 4 months is very doable.

    I’ll just close my eyes for a while, until the theme is announced…

  3. I’ve never worked on a networked game before, so I’m making an MMO.

    This is just a mockup, mind you.

  4. The last time I…Hang on a second.
    Go back.
    MMO in 48 hours?

    Oh you sweet summer child.

Yup. It’s happening. The not-at-all rare MMO claim has been made, but the odds for success are looking pretty good. While I missed out on the chance to do a dry run last weekend, I think I’ve got a good handle on the tools and techniques I’m going to need to use to get 1K+ players on a server. Honestly, the only thing I’m worried about is how high my AWS bill is going to be!

Obviously I don’t know exactly what the game will look like until the theme is announced, but here’s the tools I know I’ll be using:

  • Unity (engine)
  • The GIMP (2D graphics)
  • Blender (3D graphics)
  • Audacity (SFX + music recording and editing)
  • GitHub + GitExtensions (VCS)
  • lidgren (networking library)
  • AWS (server hosting)
  • itch.io (game hosting)
  • Trello (task tracking)

I’m sure I’m going to be ridiculously busy (MMO, remember), but I’ll try to keep all of you wonderful people up to date with my progress with major features. We’re about to start, so…Everyone have fun, and good luck to y’all!

I’m certainly going to need some.

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3 Responses to “8 Reasons I’m Doing the Ludum Dare (You won’t *believe* number 3!)”

  1. ShaunJS says:

    Clicked on IRC because of the post title. I HAD TO KNOW.

    God damn it man, it works!

  2. Symmeteer says:

    You’ll be 100% right six years from now. The forty eigth ludum dare!

  3. atomic_swerve says:

    Writing that title and choosing those images made me physically ill, but it’s worth it.

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