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August 21st, 2014 7:24 pm

We, Team Luminous, are officially taking part of LD jam!


We are from the small Baltic(not to be confused with Balkan) country Estonia and for Ludum Dare we are gathering to a small town in the middle of the country, Paide, where one of the team members lives.

We are likely to be the biggest, if not the only, team to represent Estonia.

What we use(and who we are):

The Platform:

  •  HTML5+CSS3+JS – Gotta be modern.
  •   Because why not. It’s JQuery.
  • Git  for deploy
  • And a custom build solution using Ant and Closure compiler that isn’t quite ready but it might get ready by the start.
  •  Three.JS – Hardcore mode! Phaser is for the weak.
  • Ammo.js – Physics simulation is compulsory
  • (If we decide to fall back to 2D – Pixi.js and PhysicsJS)
  • GameAnalytics – gotta stalk our users, after all.
  • To implement the Analytics: node-uuid, CryptoJS
  • Windows Azurevirtual machine
  •  for code storage

Team members:

Rao Zvorovski:

Lead programmer and generally in charge of lot of things, at least so he thinks. He’s a fan of Microsoft, ergo a crazy capitalist who hates liberty. He’s supposed to get the build engine working. He has participated in Ludum Dare thrice.

  • An HP Probook 4540S
  • Windows 8.1– He is a Microsoft guy after all.
  •   – He’s not THAT big of a Microsoft fan.
  •  Notepad++  – He doesn’t really hate open-source.
  • Blender – Also open source. Maybe it’s just that he has no money.
  • Inkscape /GIMP– For horrible programmer art to be replaced by the art people.
  •  bfxr – for quick’n’easy sound effects
  •  Audacity– he has the audacity to think he can handle audio.
  •  Take the communist tools and put them on our superior platform!
  • Git for deploy and teamwork
  • Tea/coffee/Juissi/Burn energy drinks for drinky-drinky
  • A dragon pendant



Programmer/artist, the only one who has actual experience with Three.JS. A fan of open source and liberty and freedom and all that. If he were a teen in the 60s, he’ d probably be a hippie. Can do some SVG magic. He’s participating for the second time.

  • Some computer. His laptop in for repairs.
  • Windoze for Worksoup Or something like that.  His broken laptop is probably running a nice Linux distro, though.
  • All the browsers Use ALL the browsers!
  •  Notepad++  Standard equipment.
  • Putty to talk to the server
  • Git ’tis necessary, ‘mkay?
  • WinSCP to send them fileses to the server.
  • Inkscape /GIMP– He can actually almost do art.
  • Maybe some audio thingies
  • Tea/hot chocolate/Juice – Where is the caffeine‽ (It’s in the tea!)



A professional distractor. She’ll probably do some idea generation, some writing etc. She might not be 100% sure about what she’s doing on the team, but she’s good at it. Oh, she’s also a brilliant IT student. So she’ll probably write some code. And she’s generally useful and smart.

This is her first time participating.

  • An Aspire One netbook 
  • Windows 8.1
  •  A proud user.
  •  Notepad++   and even just notepad
  • Git She also needs it.
  • Sparkly pink computer mouse and this pretty pink mouse.
  • A dragon pendant Cannot do without a dragon pendant, now can we?
  • Tea/Coca Cola/Mtn Dew



Our artist; she made our logo. She can do art better than any of us, so she’ll be focusing on that. She is also learning Ruby. Has an uncanny tendency to get hurt when she’s supposed to do something and she has a lot of allergies. Surprisingly she’s still alive.

She is also participating for the first time.

  •  She doesn’t have a laptop, so she’ll use any computer we find that can run Photoshop.
  • Photoshop For artsy stuff (maybe a bit of PaintTool SAI)
  • Git Whether she likes it or not.
  • Wacom Intuos 3 Because one needs touchy things for art.
  • Tea/coffee/Hello kitty!

Also, sorry to all the team members(and non-members) I offended with this post! – Rao

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