Final round voting dilemma – a.k.a. I’m in

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August 21st, 2014 4:26 pm

Last April I almost did Ludum Dare. As in, I had the weekend free, I was excited about it and I voted through the week while carefully looking at the pros and cons of each of the themes. Then, the final round rolled around.

You see, I could look at the results of all previous rounds and came up with a system to figure out which the winner theme would be. After that , 36 hours would have to pass by to start ludum dare .. and yet for those 36 hours game ideas kept popping into my head. By the time the theme (and how wrong I was about the winning choice) was revealed I had a great idea in mind… which was completely opposed to the winning theme. I froze, then I got angry, then I tried thinking for ideas that were better than the one I had.. ¬†and then I spent the weekend developing the other idea which was a fun experience.. but it was not Ludum Dare.

So this time around I voted the first four rounds much quicker than last time and it took me until now to vote on this final round, and I did it in a very automatic way. I do believe it was better than to not vote, I sincerelly believe that some +1 votes might have been 0s and some 0s might have been +1s if I had spent as much time as last time thinking about the options, but other thing I learnt about the time I almost entered Ludum Dare (besides not assuming anything) is my thought process on theme preferences.

I’ll try and do a post on what my theme preferences are¬†tomorrow, and I will definetely try and find other posts about it from the rest of you, I find it an interesting theme… (no puns as theme? that’s dissappointing)

As it seems to be a tradition to mention it in the I’m in posts, this is the software I’ll be using:

-I’ll be making a flash game so I’ll code in Flash Professional CS6

-Since coding is my weakest aspect by far, I might just have to go with whatever placeholder stuff I make on flash to test the code I’m working on. If I somehow manage to have more time, I will use Illustrator(I like Illustrator for vector art a lot better than Flash’s tools), or Photoshop (If I have even MORE time than to just create vector art)

-I’ll be happy if I can place some nice graphics in the game, so sound.. now that would be great. If I get to that point I will be using SFXR and if I have even more time I might mess around with GarageBand, although I would be happy with making something I liked in GarageBand in 2 days, let alone whatever is left over of the 2 days after making a game.

Hopefully the second time is the charm, good luck everyone!


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