Day two, laying the foundations

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August 21st, 2014 4:19 pm

Another 5 hours of livestreaming coding later I have the foundations for the LD project. Everything that was setup in my last post seems to be working fine and the pipeline works just fine.


What I did today:

  • Bring the whole render loop from my old project, along with bits and pieces of the Entity Component System (ECS).
  • Fix some camera and projection problems that made android and PC behave differently.
  • Add the ECS system for sprite rendering and HUD. Add debug text for ECS and FPS.
  • Create my first component for those systems.
  • Spent an embarrassingly long amount of time trying to be able to capture user clicks on screen to select said sprite. BROTIP: libgdx has inverted Y axis by default, and do not forget to camera.unproject the coordinates the touch listener spits you.
  • Made a movement system for a control scheme similar to those in RTS games, but haven’t been successful so far. A small state machine in the input handler doubles as game logic, but my ECS systems are not capturing component changes at the expected pace.


Thank you to the couple of subscribers I gained today, I only wish this gets a bit more interactive because it feels like I’m talking to myself most of the time when I’m trying to explain what’s happening on screen.

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