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August 21st, 2014 12:41 pm

It’s Ludum Dare time!

I guess I’ll use JavaScript, but maybe Python (except for not having made graphics or GUIs with it before), because I like Python. If JavaScript, I may use WebGL, since I looked at it the last weeks, but then again it looks like every OpenGL. Canvas would be easier, so they are possible, too.

Since my ability to draw is epsilon (very small, but greater than zero), I guess I’ll use single colored rectangles as graphics, made procedurally in the code or with any graphics tool – maybe Paint.NET, Gimp, definitely not Pinta (yay, we have features: click here to select a rectangle! ups, not implemented yet, but look at this fancy menu telling you to use it. to take a tip from me: don’t waste your time with pinta).

Sound and music is always fun, but none of my JS games contained any of it. If sound then sfxr/bfxr I guess.

Since noone needs GUIs I will probably use vim/emacs/nano for coding (it’s fun to become used to the key commands – and to use the ones from the other program – always) and Firefox/python/pdb for executing and debugging.

All in all: Let’s have fun, have good ideas, make and kill bugs, draw graphics and create games!

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