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August 19th, 2014 3:25 am

This will be my 4th LD (and the second in a team), and I chose to learn from past mistakes, so this is what I’ll be using:

Engine: my own FataMirage point ‘n’ click engine. It’s MIT-licend, so grab it here: https://github.com/jalgamestudios/FataMirage. FataMirage allows you to create point’n’click-adventures solely using XML. Or, at least, it should do so if it was finished, which it is not. I’m still working on it and I hope I’ll be done with the abolute necesssary features be this friday. Because it’s boring to only use XML, I’ll be adding new features during the ludum dare (don’t expect me to commit them, because they will be coded so poorly that I’ll have to clean them up before making them public

Graphcis: propably Paint.NET to create160x90 pixel art scenes, and maybe Maya to create some rough 3d models of the scene

Music: I absolutely have no clue (I’m not the one who does the music), but if I remember correctly, he planned to remix some freely avilably music. I don’t really know the rules, so my question: Is it allowed to remix music in the jam?

Platforms: FataMirage is build with MonoGame, which unfortunately doesn’t run well in a browser (I’m not sure if there is a way at all to do it), but I’ll do my best to get FataMirage running on as many platforms as possible: Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, Nokia X (do you even know what that is?) and, if I find a way to make the game work with the contoller, even the Ouya. My plan is to submit the game to the various marketplaces by late sunday, so hopefully you’ll all be able to enjoy the game on whatever platform you like (sorry, Apple users, but there is no Mac avilable to compile nor the money to buy Xamarin…)

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  1. The Jam is a lot more relaxed. I would imagine that remixing music for the Jam is perfectly fine :)

  2. Codexus says:

    “For Jam games, you are free to use whatever artwork or content you like (preferably something you have the legal rights to), but you must accept all responsibility for its use.”

    In the jam, you can use freely available music remixed or not.

    Just make sure the copyright holder allows remixes.

  3. JALgames says:

    OK, thanks a lot!

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