LD30 – I’m in!

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August 19th, 2014 9:06 am

The first Ludum Dare I attended was number 20, and now we’re already at 30! So I guess I now celebrate… eh… ten ludums?!?
No, not really though. This will (only) be the 5:th time I’m participating.

So with an AGE of 10 Ludums and XP of 4 Ludums, here’s a quick re-cap of my older entries.


Try #1: LD20 (Theme: It’s dangerous to go alone – take this)


Concept – Not finished

Oh, so unprepared. I was a newbie at XNA but decided to go for it anyway. From scratch.
Spent most of the first day to build a re-usable animation-system. ROOKIE MISTAKE!
Gave up after the first day as I was lagging behind way to far, with a burning sensation of failiure. Lesson learnt! The hard way!


Try #2: LD21 (Theme: Escape)


Game: Abandoned

Url: http://salomonsson.se/games/abandoned-ludum-dare-21-entry
Next one I was out for revenge. And what a revenge!
Got within top 10 in the graphics category and 98 overall (out of a total of 509 entries).
This is probably my favorite submission so far, with very creepy graphics and several different pickups. I intend to make my LD30-entry beat the crap out of this entry though =)


Try #3: LD25 (Theme: You are the villain)

Evil kitten-kidnapping priates from space

Game: Evil kitten-kidnapping priates from space

Url: http://salomonsson.se/games/ludum-dare-25-post-mortem
I had really high hopes for this one, but it did not turn out well at all. To big player graphic and small viewport, hard to navigate, and just plain boring game.


Try #4:LD27 (Theme: 10 Seconds)



Url: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=2393
My plan was to make a game optimized for mobile. Specifically I wanted to use simplified touch controls.
The theme really got me off my guard. I had good ideas for almost all other theme suggestions in the final round, but not this.
The game turned out to be hardly ok, nothing more. The biggest flaw was the level design, which could have improved the game a lot if I had started with it sooner than I did.


Try 5: LD30 (Theme: ????)

This represents how I feel for the upcoming LD30!

This is how I feel for the upcoming LD30 (super excited)!

This is it! I’m psyched as hell about this LD. And after two weak entries I feel that it’s time for revenge again.
I have prepared this time.


For this upcoming compo I plan to use the following tools.

  • Flashdevelop as my code IDE
  • A forked version of HaxePunk (I will write a more detailed technical post about what modifications I’ve done, and where to find my version)
  • Photoshop (I have even borrowed a wacom drawing tablet from a friend). Might use Graphics Gale as well.
  • Tiled – level editor.
  • SFXR for sound effects. I might request help from a friend to write some music for me – in which case I will submit the game in the jam (obviously).
  • Licecap for recording GIF:s
  • Unhealthy amount of coffee!


Oh, and if you live in Stockholm, Sweden – come and join our Real World Gathering!


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  1. goerp says:

    haha, I like your avatar

  2. I really liked your LD27 game.

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