Counting the days (I’m in!)

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August 18th, 2014 3:16 pm

I’m a bit of a lone wolf, so I’ll take part in the compo as always :)

Since the theme voting started I’ve been brainstorming possible game concepts and how they can blend with the currently revealed theme candidates. This time I would like to make a somewhat narrative driven game, but I must come up with some fitting mechanics first (of course, considering the time limit and theme constraints). Also, I should start toying around with sprites to learn how to be more efficient at creating content.

As for the development tools:

  • Graphics: Photoshop, Aseprite, TexturePacker.
  • Map creation: Tiled, possibly. It will depend on the implementation language.
  • Audio: Probably Bosca Ceoil or Famitracker for music, then some good old friends for effects and editing: Bfxr and Audacity.
  • Coding: I sort of fell in love with Haxe the last entry, so that’s my first candidate at the moment, using OpenFL and probably Flixel as well. The final decision is not set in stone, and I’ve also been experimenting these days with Unity and Cocos 2dx, so I can change my mind eventually (even Actionscript3 could be an option). The IDE will be FlashDevelop in that case.
  • Moral support: Pet.

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