Ludum Dare 30 Theme Voting Begins!

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August 16th, 2014 10:53 am

Theme Voting has begun! Tune in every day this week for a new round of themes. *

[ ROUND 1 | ROUND 2 | ROUND 3 ]


Thanks to Sorceress, rxi and Jiggawatt for helping out.

* Links above in Bold are still open. If you haven’t cast a vote yet, click the link to do it. End times for each round vary, and many cross over.

* If you get an error message about needing to log in to vote, and you are already logged in, then try refreshing your browser (CTRL+F5 in Firefox/IE), or in Chrome F12 then Right Click on Refresh and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”).

101 Responses to “Ludum Dare 30 Theme Voting Begins!”

  1. I am absolutely loving these themes!

  2. sorceress says:

    PoV: rxi and Jiggawatt deserve credit too, as they helped me with sorting out the final theme list.

  3. Codexus says:

    Lots of interesting themes this time!

  4. gandalf1209 says:

    You Must Leave It Behind is my personal Favorite here!

  5. SK16Games says:

    BINGO! All the themes are good so far 😀

    Psst… Break The Rules!!

  6. dylanigan says:

    Themes are good so far… except for labyrinth… I really don’t want to play 2500 maze games.

  7. Chaoseed says:

    Man, so few good themes. I only voted +1 on four of them, -1 the rest.

    • I actually like most of them, with most themes, so many possibilities for fun and different types of games!

    • Osgeld says:

      while the first round is not 100% my concept of awesome, there are some that are interesting, only one I outright HATE is strange physics

      A) who the hell is to say my physics in a totally made up world in my mind is strange
      B) who says I even need physics in my game

      there’s some noob LETS VOTE IT UP CAUSE ITS AWESOME CAUSE I READ A BOOK ABOUT IT OVER SUMMER BREAK bullhonky that honestly never should have made it into the vote…

    • Suese says:

      I don’t like most of them either. I also don’t understand the context in which a lot of them were conceived. I continue to wish there was some explanation as to what inspires the themes because I’m sure as hell a lot of it is based on popular games I never played or played and never liked.

      • Tim Bumpus says:

        I can assure you that the majority of them are not. A few are based on pop-culture references, but few are popular game mechanics. Most are just chosen based off whether they sound cool or can inspire a lot of ideas.

        • TenTonToon says:

          Yeah, well… Most of those themes tend to inspire the use of the Mighty Ole Shoehorn 2.0. They’re so hard to use as the basis for good mechanics that we’re mostly left with tons of platformers or ARPGs that include the theme in their “stories”, one way or another. And that, to me, is Bad Design.

          I’m not saying that there haven’t been any games that have made a clever use of the themes (just look at what Dukope has been doing. That guy’s awesome!), but that’s far from the norm. By a long stretch.

          So, maybe you should analyze the huge number of downvotes on the theme voting. Perhaps, and only perhaps, there’s a message from your community hidden in there.

          That said, I expect to participate again, as I love having the “excuse” to invest a full weekend making a game, and I’ll do my best to stay away from the Shoehorn. As someone already pointed out, “Connected Worlds” is looking like the big winner, and it’s onw of the most mechanic-usable theme of this edition.

  8. I agree, the themes are looking great! Quite a few I voted up on. Are we allowed to post our votes here?

  9. Will Edwards says:

    Day and night is my fav this round.

    Usually if you interpret a theme non-obviously you get massively down voted across the board.

    But somehow I think day and night may allow safe divination e.g. king yang, Jekle Hyde etc

  10. Not very fond of these themes, lots of them seem to suggest a cheap gimmick or obvious mechanic that will be used in the majority of games. “End of the road” is the only one that encourages more interpretation in this first round.

  11. Tosic says:

    Some themes are nice some are not, but I really can’t wait for the final round!

  12. gandalf1209 says:

    Round two has some bullcrap themes

  13. DvanderAart says:

    Never even finished anything but i am thinking this contest may just be the push i need. Anyways..

    Connecting worlds and transformation sound like interesting themes to me..
    Curious to see the rest of them.

  14. dylanigan says:

    In my opinion I think most of round two’s themes are one sided and not open for very much interpretation.

  15. bazld says:

    The “Beneath the Surface” theme last time was particularly strong in that it didn’t limit the genre or style of game. It was open to quite a few interpretations, some more direct than others (ie mining/underground was always going to work).

  16. Photon says:

    So many +1’s for me. What a pretty amazing list of themes so far! Hopefully I’ll make it this weekend. There’s always something… 😮

  17. metacozm says:

    Theme suggestion, slaughtering and now voting on is a supermegagreatvaluable practice to develop a suberb game!
    I sooo like it! Ten thumbs up!

  18. Suese says:

    there are some repeats here like “Isolation”

  19. Knowledge says:

    Imagine that we have three themes on Ludum Dare.
    And imagine that Chaos, Randomly Generated and Labyrinth won.
    We would probably create hardest games in the universe.

  20. Phil River says:

    You are already dead.

    Nuff said.

  21. 7dare says:

    Is it me or are the themes getting better with each round?

  22. oxysoft says:

    Wow, quite a bit of shit themes in round 3 :/

    I mean, “Don’t stop moving”? really? Sure, I could make a cool game with that, everyone could. But would you play 2500 games where you can’t stop moving? Some people will take it less literally of course but this is one of these themes like “Beneath the Surface” last time where most people take it literally.

    The Space is Getting Smaller though is amazing, so much room for interpretation

    • klianc09 says:

      I would have a great idea for “The Space is getting smaller”, but I don’t know how I can get my game to shrink someone’s keyboard… ;(

    • TobiasW says:

      Interestingly, exactly the same could be said about “The Space Is Getting Smaller”:

      “I mean, “The Space Is Getting Smaller”? really? Sure, I could make a cool game with that, everyone could. But would you play 2500 games where the space is getting smaller? Some people will take it less literally of course but this is one of these themes like “Beneath the Surface” last time where most people take it literally.”

      I thought there were a LOT of great, fun, diverse and innovative games in “Beneath The Surface”. But then again, I didn’t manage to play 2500 games, maybe I too would’ve been bored at that point.

      The same holds true for “10 seconds”. People were like “Oh my god, everybody will make WarioWare games.” Out of the hundred games I played, I remember 2 WarioWare type games.

      I guess people underestimating the creativity of the LD community is almost a tradition by now.

      PS: I like both “Don’t Stop Moving” and “The Space Is Getting Smaller”.

    • udo says:

      Exactly. I hope these themes that prescribe a genre are not too popular. I like it when one theme can give rise to hundreds of concepts. But it can’t be too open and neutral either, just the right amount 😉

    • stqn says:

      I think “The Space is Getting Smaller” is one of the shittiest themes this round. But most are very bad.

    • Nobody likes everything that comes up in voting. That’s why you have the chance to vote it down! I personally vote down everything to do with generic mechanics (combat, platforming) because of how tired I am with games that have combat and platforming, for example. Others might see the word “conflict” or “jumping” and might think up a totally unique thing, though.
      People always complain each jam. The best games are still always great, though.

    • Pockets says:

      Hah; I’ve got a pretty cool idea for “Don’t stop moving” plus a couple of decent semi-obvious alternatives, but “the space is getting smaller” is one that I can’t think of any alternatives to the obvious mechanic for.

      Both are ones that would be taken quite literally in general, but the literal take can be applied to a whole range of genres. Even if 95% of “Don’t Stop Moving” entries would end up being endless runners.

  23. OtherAlexy says:

    But where is “Evolution”?

  24. Knowledge says:

    ROUND | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | F |
    +1 | 8 | 11| 14| ? | ? |
    0 | 7 | 7 | 5 | ? | ? |
    -1 | 5 | 2 | 1 | ? | ? |
    Themes| 20| 20| 20|20?|25?|

    Copy this to notepad and you’ll get the point.
    And yes themes are getting better for me. :)

  25. Xxnicolas981xX says:

    Good themes this year ! I have a lot of ideas !

  26. Wan & Friends says:


  27. I actually really really love the themes for round 4. When the worst theme is “Under Pressure” you know you’ve got some good choices.

  28. Svetozar says:


  29. rd127p77 says:

    I like the Isolation Theme and Time Travel Theme

  30. Will Edwards says:

    If the theme is “Things Are Not What They Seem”, people will have to play games through to completion before rating?

    A cunning plan!! 😀

  31. Sunflower says:

    I simply love the “I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords” theme and the fact it’s just below “Human Stupidity” one. Whoever came up with that was true genius.

    Well, unless that was the same person who thought of making LD at the weeked of Doctor Who season premiere; then they’re only 0.9 true genius (some fuzzy logic here, I know). ^^”

  32. DaftPVF says:

    Too sad I can’t vote +10 for Wonderful Apocalypse.

  33. blueretropenguin says:

    I swear if the theme is Potato Salad…

  34. Photon says:

    So… many… downvotes…

    Man oh man.

  35. Khaibit says:

    I will be taking part this time, but currently with a 12 hour disadvantage (Damn you, work!) Maybe I can get my supervisor to shift switch with me since he’s usually cool like that.

    Also, “Mostly -1’s, gah!” But come on… everyone should be +1’ing “Human Stupidity”, that could become hilarious and entertaining REAL quick.

  36. gre says:

    I’m not sure what to think about this “Connected Worlds” highly upvoted theme.

    Though we can make different interpretations of it which is always good for a theme :-)

    • Jiggawatt says:

      One cool and accessible interpretation is having multiple game modes that affect each other in some way.

      Or if you wanna take the literal “worlds” route, you could have screens which you can connect the way you want, with the aim of getting to them in some “right” order. The Flash game Continuity pulled off one vision of that:

      I do think it’s a good theme. It has a plain inspiring effect but it doesn’t explicitly suggest any type of gameplay.

      • Pockets says:

        The problem with it is that it’ll end up with a huge number of breaches of this:

        “DON’T make a platform game where the gimmick is you can shift between two overlapping worlds. If you think you’ve had an idea, and that idea is that in your platform game you can shift between two overlapping worlds, then you haven’t had an idea at all. This is a bit like waking up one day and declaring that you’ve had the idea to put foodstuffs between two slices of bread. That’s someone else’s idea. That’s the 4th Earl Of Sandwich’s idea, and he’s going to beat you up. Coincidentally, he was also the first person to think of a platform game where you shift between two overlapping worlds, and he died in 1771.”

        It’s ok, in that it can be taken differently (albeit most of the alternatives I can think of are probably a bit time intensive for a weekend), but the different takes will be in a sea of platformers.

        • BinaryPie says:

          Obligatory “I hadn’t even thought of that” response.

          First thing that comes to mind for Connected Worlds to me would be some sort of interstellar/planetary resource management/strategy/puzzle game.

  37. I really really want “Human Stupidity” to become the #LD48 theme! There are endless opportunities and tons of real-life references.

  38. elefantopia says:

    Connected worlds look to be the big winner.
    Oh balls, I wanted to make a minecraft thing.

  39. Martoon says:

    Heh. Things are not looking good for Potato Salad.

  40. gillenew says:

    already almost time!!

  41. xaedes says:

    In case you where wondering, here is a list with all the themes in the final round with their ratings from their final, sorted:

    835 Connected Worlds
    287 Day and Night
    247 Don’t Stop Moving
    142 Break The Rules
    141 Isolation
    115 Destroy The System
    102 Do No Harm
    96 You’re Not Supposed To Be Here
    95 Growing
    85 Choose A Path
    51 Another World
    36 You Are Already Dead
    33 Chaos
    11 No One Can See You
    1 You Must Leave It Behind
    -19 Lost In Space
    -39 Fortress
    -47 Alchemy
    -65 Strength In Numbers
    -75 Randomly Generated

  42. RaycoSantana says:

    Please please let it be Isolation, so many ideas in my head for that! its a great theme for narrative as well as a challenge for game design

    Also, how do you change your Avatar? cant find that option anywhere…

  43. BasselGaming says:

    Awesome themes all around, didn’t -1 anything only zeros and ones 😀

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