I’m back for my third Ludum Dare, LD30. I am busy Saturday but free for the Sunday and the Monday so will enter in the jam so I can get a good 48 hours in. I’ve built a new computer and am ready to get my game jam on! The only problem is that the old hard drive I’m using in my new PC is making a noise like a dying mongoose that swallowed a broken refrigerator so I’m going to pick up a new solid state drive ASAP. I was planning to do this after LD but then I figured that if the HDD was going to die it was most likely going to during LD30, probably right before I uploaded my game too (just my luck :).)

Here is my obligatory list of tools, it’s about the same as last time. LD30 is my third LD I have ever done.

Engine: Unity3D //Gotta love it!!

IDE: MonoDevelop, Notepad++ //MonoDevelop as my main, NP++ if I get frustrated with MonoDevelop

3D Models: Blender, Magicavoxel //My weakness, 3D models; at least with my discovery of voxel art I can attempt to make it look good…

Textures: paint.NET //No more MS paint this LD! This time it’s Paint.Net all the way!

Audio: SFXR, BFXR, Audacity, Autotracker.py //The usual stuff, I can’t remember the name of the program I used last LD :) I”l have to search…

Fonts: Ubuntu Font Family //I’m in love with these fonts :)

Anyway, I wish you all the best for LD30 and I hope the theme is great!

EDIT: The program I used last LD was Abundant-Music, I finally remembered the name.
EDIT: I shall also use Spacescape, http://alexcpeterson.com/spacescape

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