Ladies and gentlemen, in time for the next Ludum Dare compo, I bring to you: jfxr! It’s a browser-based tool to quickly generate sound effects for your games.


Give it a try here – simply click the preset buttons on the left repeatedly to come up with new sounds. If you got something you like, fine-tune it with the many available options. Or if you know exactly what you’re going for, you can start from scratch, that is, the Default preset.

Jfxr should work in any recent version of Chrome and Firefox. Opera and MSIE users are out of luck because I can’t be bothered to test on those, and mobile devices might be a bit slow.

As you can probably tell, jfxr was heavily inspired by bfxr, but jfxr was designed to be more powerful yet more intuitive to use. It presents you with graphs of the most important parameters, so you can see what effects your edits have, and what modifications you need to do to achieve a particular result. I also find that jfxr’s randomized presets produce more useful output than bfxr’s.

I would love it if you would try it out! Please send any feedback my way via the issue tracker, or just comment on this post. Also, the source is fully open and should be fairly hackable (though I still need to clean it up a bit). Tip: you can easily share sound effects with others by clicking the Link button!

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12 Responses to “Announcing jfxr: a tool to quickly make sound effects!”

  1. AgentEnder says:

    ok, so i didnt even know about bfxr and had been using sfxr and was stunned by it but oh my god this program is amazing thank you so much for it 😀 i got an amazing result from it for a rocket launch ( is a link if you want it. going to use it to either redo the sounds for my game BoxFight or just for the new ones idk yet

  2. Pitzik4 says:

    This is fantastic! I was messing with it and the sound started to remind me a bit of a meow, and before I knew it, I had a cat’s meow, a mouse’s squeak, and a scratching sound. The graphs really help! I’ll definitely use this for the net LD.

  3. yetatore says:

    That’s a nice gift for the LD comunity!
    This sfx generator Is simple, yet powerful… Perfect for prototyping!!

    Thanks men. The sounds of my LD entry, probably will be generated by your piece of software 😀

  4. thristhart says:

    Holy crap, this is fantastic. Well done!

  5. Darkcoder says:

    Awesome stuff.

    One thing that bugs me about this and BFXR though is the list of generated sounds. I’m personally too dumb to understand what all the buttons do, so I like hitting random hundreds of times until I find what I need, but this fills the sound list up really quickly, and deleting them all is very tedious. There should be a way to lock all modifications to the current sound, or delete all sounds, or something.

  6. Clavus says:

    It’s a nice tool, but there are issues with the wav export. Lot of sound glitches in the final sound file. They even change with every export. It seems like they being stacked or something?

    To test, open this in jfxr, then export to wav several times:

  7. zaexage says:

    Just Love it!

  8. csanyk says:

    I asked the developer of bfxr for this feature once, and he declined to add it. I’d like to be able to create additional “classes” of sound effect, beyond “Pickup/coin, Laser/shoot, Explosion, Powerup, Hit/hurt, Jump, Blip/select”.

    I’d like to see a means by which people can develop their own categories for other types of sound, and extend *fxr by adding them and sharing them. There’s so many categories that aren’t currently well represented by the existing ones: wind/surf, voices, vehicle/engine, alarm/siren, and so on.

    Someone with advanced knowledge in audio engineering could design “sound profiles” for these by setting range constraints on the various sliders, and then save that as a new sound type. Ideally if you made jfxr extendible in this way, anyone who uses it could create new sound types and then save them for later use, or even share them so that anyone using jfxr could use them.

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