Ludum Deals for LD30 [11]

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July 31st, 2014 10:31 am

Deals! Here is this LD’s list of offers, bargains and other things.


  • PlayCanvas3D Collaborative HTML5 game dev platform – Get a 12 month Pro account, worth $180, for free if you submit a game to Ludum Dare using the PlayCanvas development platform. Email with your username and a link to your finished game.
  • GameCreatorDrag and Drop Web Game Creator – Access to most features including full analytics during Ludum Dare weekend and the 3 weeks of voting. Use the promo code: Ludumdare30 after registration.
  • Loom SDK TurboMobile Game Development Suite with Live Code and Asset Editing – Create an Account on, then send an e-mail to Ben and ask about the Ludum Dare Promo to get 12 Months of Turbo for FREE.
  • CraftStudioCooperative Game Making Platform – Free Weekend for Ludum Dare! Get access to all the premium features for Ludum Dare 30!

Content Creation

  • Pixexix ProProjection Painting Tool – Get Pixexix Pro for 50% off ($15).
  • Pickle EditorSprite and Animation Editor – 25% off (Reg $24.99) with coupon code LD30. Click here to add to cart.
  • Pixel Maker PROPixel Art Painting Tool for Android – Get Pixel Maker PRO for 50% off ($1.99).

Unity Asset Store

Game Maker Asset Store

If you’d like to submit your own deal, you can post details and a link in the comments below, or send me an e-mail. Keep in mind I don’t have a lot of time, but if you need a confirmation or just to ping me once it’s posted, go ahead and mail me. When I have a chance I’ll add it to the list.

Also it MUST be relevant to what we do here (i.e. make games).

12 Responses to “Ludum Deals for LD30 [11]”

  1. TobiasW says:

    I like how there’s already a header for the Unity Asset Store in expectation of good things to come.

  2. tra2002 says:

    Point Click Placement Tool
    As of today the price is not updated yet in the asset store but this tool will be free for the rest of the month of August for the up coming Ludum Dare 30.

    Asset Store:!/content/17681

  3. strong99 says:

    The GameCreator, a web based game editor, no coding required, drag and drop it together, has a special Ludumdare 30 offer: access most features including full analytics during the LD30 weekend and 3 weeks of voting. Use the promo code: “Ludumdare30″ after registration.

    The Ludumdare 30 event will run from the 22th of August until the end of voting. Good luck!

  4. I’m putting pixexix on sale again, 50% off (was $30, now $15). You can use it to paint onto your 3D models using your preferred image editor.

    There’s a free version too if you’d prefer to try before you buy :)

  5. Deozaan says:

    cInput will be on sale, 70% off starting August 5th through the 25th. It allows you to easily remap controls at runtime for Unity games.

    Also, there’s a free fully-featured “Dev Edition” you can use to try before you buy.

  6. melang4000 says:

    TCG Maker for Unity, a powerful kit for making trading card games (with source code):!/content/18184

    50% off for Ludum Dare 30 participants

    Contact me via PM on Unity forums (Melang), or in skype (melang1111)

  7. I really hope that Stencyl will offer a discount as well :)
    If I happen to finish it in time, I also would like to offer the awesome Ludum Dare people a discount on some pixelart resources :)

  8. stenol says:

    If you need some music that loop well, you can get my music asset on asset store for only 5$. Here is the link:!/content/9158

    Good luck everyone.

  9. cadin says:

    You can save 25% on the Pickle pixel editor by using the coupon code ‘LD30′:

    Enter the code on the last page of the checkout process,
    or use this link to apply the coupon automatically:

    (Coupon is good through August 25)

  10. vividhelix says:

    I just released a pixel art editor for Android. It’s 50% off during Ludum Dare:

    If you just want to try it out, there’s a free version too:

  11. mirhamidovich says:

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  12. lindabraus says:

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